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Game post Index / Friends Codes!

Recently realised how hard it is to find some of my older app posts. So Here's the Index listing A-Z!

I'll leave this on the top and update from time to time! Click on the title to see the blog post! Oh, despite the Japanese titles, my posts are all in English! Mostly codes for Otome game apps, but I do play a few other JRPG or music or puzzle related ones (Just to kill time whilst waiting for better game to be released).

Last update: 17/06/2019


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[iPhone] Op 8


Brought to you by Sunsoft! They just announced the service closure date for this one as 27/09/2019, and as usual, this speed up my posting of one of the many drafted post. lol

It was interesting since the game only lasted 8 months on the app store... I guess even seiyuus didn't help with the market being overloaded with other even more popular idol boys...!


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[iPhone] Fate Grand Order


Brought to you by Aniplex Inc! I've only first come across their titles from Persona O.A. (See my post here) and Enkan No Kotowari Daiundoukai (See my post here) and I must say they're all decent quality games.

Seeing the all the news and fans of the Fate franchise... I figured I'll actually give the game a go. Not at a great deal of level because I'm warned with the extremely low gacha rates for this game unless you Kakin (Pay real money), even so it's all by chances! lol Now that I think about it, it's no wonder that even my Persona drop rates wasn't the best either. lol


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[Android] Hoozuki no Reitetsu Jigoku no Puzzle mo Kimi Shidai

Bubble Youkai

Brought to you by Taito Corporation! Not to be mixed up with the other Hoozuki no Reitetsu Puzzle game which have been taken down due to the first anime release was years ago now... OAD are still being released however. lol

This one is the newer and improved version, with more characters and a different gameplay! It is made up of various chapters of different stand alone stories. So kind of like an episode per chapter? On top of it there are character (card) stories too, though they're not fully voiced like the main chapters. Not to mention there's the remix version of the highly catchy opening song from season 1!

Koko wa Jigoku!


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[Android] Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Wizards Go

Brought to you by Niantic who did Pokemon Go (See my post here)! There have been talks about this game for a while now, which was one reason why I came across Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery (See my post here).

This post will be heavily compared it to Pokemon Go since I'm still active on that game, even though it's mostly just a month to month basis for the monthly shinies! lol


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