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Game post Index / Friends Codes!

Recently realised how hard it is to find some of my older app posts. So Here's the Index listing A-Z!

I'll leave this on the top and update from time to time! Click on the title to see the blog post! Oh, despite the Japanese titles, my posts are all in English! Mostly codes for Otome game apps, but I do play a few other JRPG or music or puzzle related ones (Just to kill time whilst waiting for better game to be released).

Last update: 15/11/2017


theme : Otome Game
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[Android] Reizouko no Purin Taberareta

My brother ate my pudding

Brought to you by Hap Inc! Do you remember the popular escape room style game Mama ni Game kakusareta! 1 & 2 (See my post here)? Well, this is the spin off to the game!

Additional to the previous title, the "older sister" was never seen until the last game (The other new addition to the family is the cat? XD) ... and this game wasn't quite what I expected as a sequel! Because strangely enough, you play as the infamous younger brother who starred in his own game as mentioned!

Read on for more!


[iPhone] Ikemen Sengoku Solitaire no Ran

Ikemen Series mini game

Brought to you by Cybird Co. Ltd! As gamers of various otome mobile games, needless to say, we should be quite familiar with their Ikemen series!

I think the mini game was released around the same time as the anime of the similar title as their original game app Ikemen Sengoku: Toki wo Kakeru ga Koi wa Hajimaranai!


[iPhone] Hiragana Danshi Itsura no KoE

Hiragana Gijinka!

Brought to you by Tabot Inc! Sometimes I do miss iPhone games since there are more quality games on there than Android. Regardless, I've been eyeing playing this on the side since Kaji was in it. XD It is apparently the third installment of the Gijinka danshi series (First one was Touken Ranbu) which was developed from the comedy Japanese TV variety program iChara! Not to mention the animation movie will be in cinema in February 2018!

I admit I had to look up the reading of ゑ! XD Though if I have listened to the title I wouldn't have to look it up. lol As expected from a letter themed game...


[Android] Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Doubutsu no Mori Pocket Camp

Brought to you by Nintendo and surprisingly, not on Nintendo platform!

Finally! One that doesn't need too much explaination! XD I've been a long time Animal Crossing fan! Or simply, a fan of room decorations...! It looks like for Australia only at the moment too! Japan to be released November next month!

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theme : Animal Crossing
genre : Games



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