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Game post Index / Friends Codes!

Recently realised how hard it is to find some of my older app posts. So Here's the Index listing A-Z!

I'll leave this on the top and update from time to time! Click on the title to see the blog post! Oh, despite the Japanese titles, my posts are all in English! Mostly codes for Otome game apps, but I do play a few other JRPG or music or puzzle related ones (Just to kill time whilst waiting for better game to be released).

Last update: 09/01/2019


theme : Otome Game
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[iPhone] Mahou Password 1111


Brought to you by Hexadrive Inc! Probably expected, not long after the post on Item Kawari wa Kihei de Ochinai No item no quest (See my post here), I got to post the other game! I got to admit though, they (Yes, not just one but two) didn't exist until I look them up again on the app store. lol

I think the title with the Password (particularly the 1111) on it is abit redundant... they should probably title it Magi Safe instead...


[iPhone] Item Kawari wa Kihei de Ochinai No item no quest


Brought to you by Hexadrive Inc! It's been a while since I last played their titles, the one that got me playing the most was MakeS Ohayou, Watashi no Sei (See my post here).

You don't really need internet access for this one, which is one reason why I got progress on the backlog. lol Take your time and thank the black out! Although you do need internet access for the free gacha and hotel stay to replenish HP!

Instead of coins drops, you get items drops!


[3DS] WarioWare Gold Demo

Wario Party! Made in Wario Gorgeous!

Apparently Gold version include "micro" games that are new and from previous titles! To be honest, I have never played any Wario games because I'm more big on RPGs, and Wario games have always been short rather than long. Hence I was relatively surprised with the amount of cute characters there are in this one (Although only shown in the animations)! The drawing style reminds me of Puyo Puyo!! Quest or Pop'n Music... You probably guessed right, I don't play enough Nintendo games since the titles I mentioned are also non Nintendo! orz


[3DS] Adventure Bar Story Demo

Fushigi no Kuni No Bouken Sakaba

Brought to you by Rideon Inc! I don't know much about the company so I had to look them up. It was interesting to see that this game was released on PSP/PSVita, 3DS and on mobile! Nintendo Switch to come too I suspect, though I feel they need to upgrade some of the visuals instead of just putting them on various port.

To be honest, the cover didn't appeal as much as the character designs ingame. lol No to mention, one of the character - Lidia - also got her own spin off too! So the game sure have some popularity? I might give their other title - Mercenaries Saga - a go after this.




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