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Oiran no michi he~

Brought to you by Amatz Inc and Kogado Studio, which did the character designs and CGs for various well known Adventure and love simulation games include Power Dolls and Symphonic Rain.



Heroine time sliped into the Edo era from the current world and collapsed. There she was rescued by Matsukoji Tamasaburou (aka Matsuko), who is a strange older sister-type young master of the Gofukuya. Here you start working at the Tea house and working your way towards becoming a Oiran...?!


Kondo Isami - Leader of the Shinsengumi group, seen as the older brother by many others. Tolerent and passionate. It is rumoured that he is targeted by the Jooi group.

Hijikata Toshizou - Vice captain of Shinsengumi group. Orderly and cool personality, strict towards others and himself. Trust in Konda and Okita a lot.

Okita Sougo - Though suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis, he is the top swordsman in the Shinsengumi group.

Sakamoto Ryoma – A weapon dealer whose worked up for his dream and a newb when it comes to love.

Takasugi Shinsaku - A man who lived through countless fighting and towards the Joeii road. He distance himself away from love for some reason.

Mutsu Munemitsu - Good friend with Ryoma and Takasugi, leading the revolution of Edo era. Despite having a cool sensible politic Elite prescencem he is a womaniser.

Matthew Perry - The culprit that caused the storm of sensational open country that led the black ships in Edo Japan. Have strong appeal for love with his weird Japanaese.

Matsukorou Tamasanrou (Known as Matsuko) - Young master of Gofukuya. Quickly accept Heroine who came from the other world of the future and suggested her to work at the tea house with a big ambition which is to get along with all the Ikemen...!?


Bakumatsu Gameplay
I wish Matsuko was playable route orz

The basic gameplay is free, though to advance through each route you need to collect alot of money, or simply pay to get over hundreds of different accessories to edit your very own unique Oiran avatar to increase your chances to capture the heart of different characters and successfully access to the all the event CGs (4 per character at different level shops)! Though sometimes it's annoying how you have an event but not enough health or status... orz

The game have background music, no character voice but that’ll do for me for sound aspect. Anything is better than nothing!

There are 3 different style of Oiran, ranges from Cute, Pretty and Sexy which helps you obtain different status provided with the accessories. The story changes with different status and the more you work at the Tea house.


Bakumatsu Routes

There are 7 routes with 4 CGs per character. Yes, Matsuko's not in the album list... orz hopefully he'll be in the future! Apart from that, I really liked the character design and colouring! Moreover, the little details they put into side characters are well! You have customers from various occupations, and they're not too bad either. :P

The style somewhat reminds me of Utapri! XD (The Ikemen looks!?) Matsuko = Ringo, Kondo = Ryuuya, Hijikata = Tokiya etc... Though I'm slightly weird-out that Okita looks so much like a girl. (My Okita can't be this cute!?) As a normal trend, I tend to like the Okita character! So I think my favourite character is Matsuko in this game... also interested in Takasugi!

Upon registering an account, if you put in the invitation code (Mine is : GfGaUq, please add me! ), both the parties would get Bonus points. Thera are also mini quests to help you get more HP (Hello Points) by "Hello"/befriending with other online players. (My ID: 2361)

Flea market is a great place to obtain items for those who choose not to purchase! (Despite the prices people asked for is high orz) Though the hard work pays off when you see all those pretty CGs! <3 Also, important to screen capture! As to view the full size of the CG requires you to pay for the full size in the album. orz

Aim for the love heart! The better the timing, the better the increase in compatibility rate! Personally, I think aiming to touch tap the screen around "12 o'clock".

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Re: キャサリン

I only see you dropped by my profile! I think they ask for the game code initially prior to logging in. Anyhow I have now added you! :D

Gotta spread the love for Otome game around! v-353

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Hiya, I started playing and used your code. Hope I did it correctly, because I don't really remember it confirming that it went through. Then again, I don't understand everything since I'm so weak at kanji and vocabulary, haha! Thanks for introducing this game and all the other otome apps. I have a lot of fun checking out your blog! Have a nice day =)


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