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Game post Index / Friends Codes!

Recently realised how hard it is to find some of my older app posts. So Here's the Index listing A-Z!

I'll leave this on the top and update from time to time! Click on the title to see the blog post! Oh, despite the Japanese titles, my posts are all in English! Mostly codes for Otome game apps, but I do play a few other JRPG or music or puzzle related ones (Just to kill time whilst waiting for better game to be released).

Last update: 05/01/2020


theme : Otome Game
genre : Games

[Convention] C3 AFA HK Day2

@ Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Held on the 23rd February 2019! This marks my first cosplay convention in Hong Kong! XD There were alot more small conventions every week, although I didn't have enough time to go to all, I figured I would at least go to the big one since I did go to the Singapore one previously! Unlike Singapore, the AFA in Hong Kong actually allows you to enter for free if you cosplay AND have registered. So I did ended up cosplaying and went in the Hall with Saigohime although we both did a different series...


[Convention] Palette Ring 3

@ D2 One Place

Held on the 9th - 10th February 2019! This marks my first convention in Hong Kong! XD Although it's more like a mini doujin market, close to equivalent of Zine Fairs, the number of tabling artists still reaches to 100+. Not to mention they split the girls oriented and guys oriented tables into two separate days! Which makes it over 200+ artist over the weekend! Although I wasn't overly interested in the guy oriented title, but I figured why not, given the free entry for the general public this year (Although only between the noon to 7pm)! Not to mention I was toured by the local experts Saigohime and her sisters!

Read on for short report...!


theme : Arts & Crafts
genre : Hobby

[Convention] Manly Zine Fair

@ Manly Library

Another year of the Manly Zine Fair which was on the Saturday 22/09/2018! This marks our second time tabling at Manly since last year (See my post here) and this time we were a table of 4 artists, although only 3 of us were there on the day! We arrived late due to missing the exit on the high way (It's good to be safe anyway)... lol Nevertheless, the co-ordinator David was helpful as always!

Below is a short update on the fair!


theme : Arts & Crafts
genre : Hobby

[Escape Room] BMW X-Cape

Find the twin moon!

It's been a short while that I've been asked to join the group's escape room... not to mention I was the extended invite. lol This one was a limited time Escape Room host by VICE x BMW X2 x X-Cape at the Sydney Opera House Underground Carpark Cave during April 5, 6, and 7! This mark my 6th escape room, or second 30 minutes escape room experience!

Read on for thoughts... unlike the other times, this time I actually have some photos to share since they said if you're stuck, you could post on instagram and ask people for help. We didn't need to resort to that option, but it did give me a good chance to take some photos. XD I did regret not having a proper camera since it's dim lighting inside.




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