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Game post Index / Friends Codes!

Recently realised how hard it is to find some of my older app posts. So Here's the Index listing A-Z!

I'll leave this on the top and update from time to time! Click on the title to see the blog post! Oh, despite the Japanese titles, my posts are all in English! Mostly codes for Otome game apps, but I do play a few other JRPG or music or puzzle related ones (Just to kill time whilst waiting for better game to be released).

Last update: 16/08/2017


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[News] Altus Persona series updates

Coming soon in 2018!

Long time no post! Mostly because I had no computer to use! lol I could use my phone but it's not the best tool to use when I want to adjust the size of the screen shots for my posts. lol This post is different though...

Short update of what I've been up to and fangirling abit (as usual)... despite they're all for next year!


[Event] Princess Closet Reo Kamiyoshi 2017 Birthday Project

For a limited time only!

I admit that it's been a while since I last played the Princess Closet (See my post here)... in fact it has been two years! With the English translation of the game released early in the year, there have been an increased amount of fans for the title which is always great to see! Now that Reo being the only route and other characters routes pending, here's what you could do to help promote by writing something posted on Twitter by the deadline!

Between 12th - 19th April 2017 midnight, tweet your messages with the hashtags #プリクロレオ誕 #princesscloset to take part of the album kindly organised by Nanami Youko (An active Princess Closet fan from Japan!) which will be mailed to Ciagram directly by Reo's birthday on 27th April 2017!

Interested? Then read on for more guidelines! Or simply go to Nanami's blog post!


theme : Otome Game
genre : Games

[LR] Forth round! SydAni Cafe

School Festival themed pop up cafe!

After much talking, I managed to drag Akimi and Kaya to the forth SydAni Cafe was held on 9th April 2017, the Sunday that just passed! It all balls down to the food range - the Oden (Them and their Osomatsu obsessions)! And... the last minute cosplay challenge by Akimi to do Ikuya from High Speed! Free! Starting Days!

I ended up having to borrow the wig (and Gakuran top) from Haruki due to the short notice - though saying that, I did't see myself as the type to wear green wig at all to go and buy a new wig for it. lol Regardless I was thankful for the help from the friends and got to do a literally "Free!" cosplay!

Photos below the cut.


[News] Otome Games updates

Limited time only NEWS!

YES! It's that time of the year again where Japanese companies goes crazy updating various pages of their websites!

I haven't been posting one in quite a while but there were some decent effort this year too. The first one I notice was my line messenger follow of Nyankee high (See my post here) ... lol the rest are searchable on Twitter which seems to be the best place to share screen shots and comment. Everyone seems to be well aware of April fools Day, particularly people who are active on social media! As such it's getting harder to get better reactions.

As I don't want to spam on Twitter, here's the listing I came across...! As usual, screen capture might or might not be posted later. This post will be updated continuously today with new ones at the bottom of the list!




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