[Switch] Octapath Traveler Demo

My play history of Octapath Traveler

Brought to you by Square Enix! This is a type up I did based on the 3 hours of gameplay, which really is, just chapter one of one of the character! So you could imagine the actual length of the full game if you were to finish it for all 8 characters! Although of course, the characters does cross path and probably reduces the total game time.

Despite the fact that there is only one save slot, the save file data could be carry forward or full game! As the game doesn't have a real prologue and it's based on the character you choose, that means I'm just gonna go with my play history. XD Again there is not picture since silly me didn't export the screen caps beforehand.


[Switch] Super Mario U deluxe

My play history of Super Mario U deluxe

Brought to you by Nintendo! Slowly filtering through the Switch games backlogs. I guess my brother is quite a Mario fan! lol The game Include Luigi U... which is literally trying the game without Mario. lol Not to mention you could replay the whole game this way... I guess in a sense, you get more out of one game.

There weren't be images down the cut since I forgot to extract them out before returning home.


[Switch] Tetris99

Tetris Championship!

Brought to you by Nintendo and for you on Valentine's day!

Long time no play this game! Not to mention it's free on Switch and it's only just been newly released! And now, it's you versus the world (Well, only 98 other people in this case)!

May the best player win!


[3DS] WarioWare Gold Demo

Wario Party! Made in Wario Gorgeous!

Apparently Gold version include "micro" games that are new and from previous titles! To be honest, I have never played any Wario games because I'm more big on RPGs, and Wario games have always been short rather than long. Hence I was relatively surprised with the amount of cute characters there are in this one (Although only shown in the animations)! The drawing style reminds me of Puyo Puyo!! Quest or Pop'n Music... You probably guessed right, I don't play enough Nintendo games since the titles I mentioned are also non Nintendo! orz


[3DS] Adventure Bar Story Demo

Fushigi no Kuni No Bouken Sakaba

Brought to you by Rideon Inc! I don't know much about the company so I had to look them up. It was interesting to see that this game was released on PSP/PSVita, 3DS and on mobile! Nintendo Switch to come too I suspect, though I feel they need to upgrade some of the visuals instead of just putting them on various port.

To be honest, the cover didn't appeal as much as the character designs ingame. lol No to mention, one of the character - Lidia - also got her own spin off too! So the game sure have some popularity? I might give their other title - Mercenaries Saga - a go after this.




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