[Cosplay] Smash

@ Rosehill Gardens

Happened the weekend of 19-20 August 2017 at the Rosehill Garden! In fact, it is the last year Smash will be held at Rosehill Garden! Took me a while to post it since I didn't have much photos... =w=;

Sat Cos Idolish7 - Trigger Taisho Version
Gaku @ Kaya
Ryu @ Akimi
Tenn @ Nabari

Sun Cos Persona 5
Protag @ Haruki
Futaba @ Nabari

Read on for my usual lengthy convention post!


theme : Cosplay
genre : Anime/Manga

[Cosplay] Gammacon!

@ AIS Arena!

Went to Gammacon (and Canberra) for the first time with Bambi, Froakie and Moja! Backdated to 17-18 September 2016!

Having heard some good things about Gammacon from Ry, we thought it would be a good time to travel to Canberra and do a day of convention and a day of sight seeing (Like we did for AVcon in Adelaide lol).

I was given the Pokeball look alike powerbank by my Cousin who left to work overseas recently so I thought I wanted to show off the Pokeball by cosplaying as Calem from Pokemon X again! I know... it's old, but since I've got quite alot of people's help to get Froakie years ago (and never used it), plus new anime Pokemon Sun/Moon will be out in November... I figured it was good time to wear it one last time!

Bambi on the other hand decided to cosplay Ashiya from Fukigen Na Mononoke An. So both of us ended up having to carry a plushie around the convention. =w=; As mentioned by Bambi, he does look like Joe Kido from Digimon without glasses with Moja looking like one too. lol


theme : Cosplay
genre : Anime/Manga

[Cosplay] AVCon!

@ Adelaide City Centre!

After two years of saying how much I want to go to Adelaide for Avcon at least once in my life, I finally managed to go there with a bunch of friends. Interestingly too, there were a few Sydney artists who decided to go to AVCon as well... must be a convention season. XD

Although saying that, the main attraction seems to be Pokemon Go! due to the massive amount of Poke Spot that was located all around the Adelaide CBD. Makes me regret not taking my mums phone for the Pokemon Go!

Backdated log clearance before year ends!


theme : Cosplay
genre : Anime/Manga

[Cosplay] Animaga!

@ Melbourne Showgrounds

Just a week after Smash weekend and into next convention already! These conventions are making us all work hard. lol Backdated to 27th - 28th August 2016!

This year Animaga was held at a memorable location - Melbourne Showgrounds - a place where Manifest once was, where we met a few close group friends. I was partially there at the artist alley as I was sharing with Haruki and ZhenZhen on Table #15 Otakuma! But mainly at the vendor table Animacha helping out a friend, so this post will be about my Vendoring experience instead of my usual artist table thoughts! (Apologies for the misleading name on Twitter with the table number... lol)

Saturday - The Gray Garden
Yosafire @ Dewmelen
Wodahs @ Bambi
Ivlis @ Haruki
Ater @ Kurako
Kcalb @ Nabari

Sunday - Marginal#4 (Wonder Corona Ver)
Kira @ Haruki
Tsubasa @ Dewmelen
Manager/Yue @ Imon
Atom @ Nabari


[Cosplay] Smash!

@ Rosehill Garden

It's been a while since I last posted! Been lazy and have been relaxing abit. Here's the Convention report for 20th - 21st August 2016 (Yes it's a backlog)!

Saturday - The Gray Garden
Wodahs @ Bambi
Ivlis @ Haruki
Arbus @ Kurako
Ater @ Celnyan
Kcalb @ Nabari

Sunday - Yumeiro Cast
Tachibana Sousei @ Haruki
Amamiya Jin @ Bambi
Asashina Kyoya @ Nabari

You see I'm slowly going through my want to cos Otome game listing! XD

As usual I'll start from the Friday night (Since there wasn't much progress before that due to the Idolish7 Event for Trigger's Last Dimension and I was lucky enough to get that card - although not via ranking but total score combined)!




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