[Cosplay] Mezzo Koi no Kakera + Manager

Koi no Kakera Behind the Scene Shoot

It's a been a while since I've been involved in a private shoot. I was called upon to assist the shoot since I had the makeup help by Akimi for the Stalker Walker Sydney Convention just a week before this shoot. I was supposed to be there to assist then I somehow casually fall part of the shoot which I didn't expect. lol I thought I had something similar for Aya previously, but ended up doing Tsumugi with a lolita wig... well it all worked out the end since I'm just a cameo for some Koi no Kakera Behind the Scene shots.

Idolish 7 - Mezzo
Tamaki Koi no Kakera Ver @ Akimi
Sogo Koi no Kakera Ver @ Kaya
Tsumugi Anime suit Ver @ Nabari
Photog @ Bambi

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[Cosplay] AFA Singapore Day 2-3

@ Suntec Convention Center

Held on the weekend that passed 24-26 November 2017 at Singapore! (I figured the more I want to write the longer it takes hence I'm posting this regardless! lol) It's been a while since I traveled overseas for an convention and I must say there are so many great things about this convention!

As you could see, I have been quite out of writing anymore posts... but things should get better when it's holiday...! Eventhough I just went to one, but we made it pretty tight in terms of timing. XD

Trigger Easter Bunny version
Gaku @ Kaya
Ryu @ Akimi
Tenn @ Nabari

Persona dancing series
Persona 5 protag @ Haruki
Persona 3 protag (aka fashionable Minato) @ Nabari

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[Convention] Walker Stalker Sydney

Walking Dead Convention!

Happened over the weekend on 3-4 February 2018 at the Sydney Olympic Park. In fact, it was the same weekend as the RTX convention. Though I have gave up on RTX mostly for the love of Daryl (Norman Reedus) from 8 years running AMC TV series The Walking Dead! 

Though... nothing seems to be good news since Norman's cancellation due to filming plan clash, since then Negan (JD Morgan) who had a baby due. Not to mention there was also Rosita (Christian Serratos) who dropped out and Carl (Chandler Riggs) who could only make it to Sydney (Extreme sad news for Melbourne). All felt like a scheme to squeeze money out of the fans (Myself included). I suppose I shouldn't have expected too much from a overseas con coming to Australia since they lack connections and how things are run here in Australia.

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[Cosplay] Smash

@ Rosehill Gardens

Happened the weekend of 19-20 August 2017 at the Rosehill Garden! In fact, it is the last year Smash will be held at Rosehill Garden! Took me a while to post it since I didn't have much photos... =w=;

Sat Cos Idolish7 - Trigger Taisho Version
Gaku @ Kaya
Ryu @ Akimi
Tenn @ Nabari

Sun Cos Persona 5
Protag @ Haruki
Futaba @ Nabari

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[Cosplay] Gammacon!

@ AIS Arena!

Went to Gammacon (and Canberra) for the first time with Bambi, Froakie and Moja! Backdated to 17-18 September 2016!

Having heard some good things about Gammacon from Ry, we thought it would be a good time to travel to Canberra and do a day of convention and a day of sight seeing (Like we did for AVcon in Adelaide lol).

I was given the Pokeball look alike powerbank by my Cousin who left to work overseas recently so I thought I wanted to show off the Pokeball by cosplaying as Calem from Pokemon X again! I know... it's old, but since I've got quite alot of people's help to get Froakie years ago (and never used it), plus new anime Pokemon Sun/Moon will be out in November... I figured it was good time to wear it one last time!

Bambi on the other hand decided to cosplay Ashiya from Fukigen Na Mononoke An. So both of us ended up having to carry a plushie around the convention. =w=; As mentioned by Bambi, he does look like Joe Kido from Digimon without glasses with Moja looking like one too. lol


theme : Cosplay
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