[PC] The Gray Garden / Garden Gray The

So many Ships...

Brought to you by Deep Sea Prisoner! It's been a while since I last played an indie game on PC! Thanks for Bambi for introducing it during the dinner talk about Cosplay Plans! Although it took us long enough to really set on something more solid. I figured I should play the game before deciding who I really wanted to cosplay - and I was pretty spot on even prior to playing the game. lol

Currently in the middle of finishing Wadanohara and the Great Blue sea! Only whilst playing the game I recall seeing some cosplayers cosplaying them before! lol Interested so it made abit of impression, and now it all link! Might do a post after completion of the game, so stay tune!


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[PC] Undertale

My play history on Undertale Demo

So... after my street pass buddy Rick (Just a local 3DS owner around my neighbourhood) left me the first and the very last message since the last I was able to street pass him (I had a feeling he have moved overseas ), I've finally decided to check out the game "Undertale" that he wrote personally to me!

It's been a while since I last touched a PC game. Although this is just the demo version... it took me a fair 45 minutes to complete. Was slightly glad that there were no music for the demo, otherwise I might be too scared to play anymore (Like I did with Ib!). I like these type of games... where they put the little kid in these scary settings... and just bash (This one also allows you to give mercy) the hell out of the monsters (Although I'm screaming inside lol).

Read on for a short post on my thoughts on the demo!


[PC] Ib

Gallery of darkness!

So if you've been surfing on the internet enough, you would have come across this horror game called Ib. Just so happened by chance I played this game prior to Supanova which happened the weekend before. Talk about procrastination, gaming is the best thing you could be doing. orz

This game is created by Kouri using RPG maker. Not the most heart friendly game for those who dislikes Horror genre! (I felt so relieve when I found Garry. ;A;) I know it’s all just pixels. However, I’m the type that only watches Horror movies in day light only or if it was a comedy. The main reason I played it was for the pairing. >//////v//////< Only had to play it without musics. :P

*May contain spoiler*


[PC] PersonA Opera Za no Kaijin (Trial)

My play history of the PersonA!

So... recently I have been playing games that wasn’t very good for my health. Namely, some *cough* 18+ games *cough*. Wasn’t gonna admit... but I have now. (I'll probably sink this journal down ASAP XD)

Top one off the list was the trial version of PersonA Opera Za no Kaijin which I blog about previously prior to its release, since I was addicted to Phantom at that time.

There'll be no mature content in this blog, I promise.


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[PC] Double Score

Age doesn't matter when it comes to love

Slowly going through the new Otome games introduced in the B's Log.

Bought to you by the same company that did Bloody Call, Blue moon seems to be trying to promote the older age group love comedy.

I was shocked to see the average age of the playable routes. ^^; The claimed maximum age difference/gap is 29 years old! Perhaps that's the "comedy" part of the game!? Not sure how others take it, but apart from characters looking great, I don't think this would work in real life especially when it's hard to maintain the good looks let alone keeping fit...? orz

Their plan is starting from 15th June 2012, the first drama CD will be released. At the last drama CD release, the games will be released with 6 games in total (12 characters split over 2 character per game). Recently there seems to be a trend to sell drama CD as well as games for the otome market. I suppose it's probably easier to do a drama CD than to make another game.

Read on for pictures!


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