[PSV] Persona 4 Dancing All Night

My play history of P4DAN!

Personally not a huge fan of P4 as I'm more P3 bias... but I do like Naoto, Kuma and Nanako from it alot so I guess I did make an exception for it. Many thanks to Akimi for lending me the game and her Vita console - as much as I did enjoy playing on my VitaTV on the huge screen, the touch functions on the vita console itself was relatively interesting! It actually reminds me of Tablets!

That said... why don't they release the game on Tablets!? *Coming from someone who bought Project Diva and was not able to play it due to the "Scratch" function*


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[PSP] Diabolik Lovers More Blood

More Do S Vampires!

Rejet just gave me more reason to become a DO M (And blog!). As a big fan of Sakurai Takahiro, I was thrilled to find out that he's gonna be part of the Diabolik Lovers team in the Fandisk - Diabolik Lovers More Blood!!! And simply having watched the PV of the game, I've already moved Ayato to second place and replaced him with Sakurai voiced character Ruki. orz (Talk about being seiyuu bias)


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[PSP] Isshoni Gohan Apartment Dinner Show

Food Genjika

So, I’ve finished reading the manga version Isshoni Gohan Takitate by Maruyama Noriko! Though the character design is done by Yukihiro Utako, who did the popular series Shounen Oujo and Makai Ouji Devils and Realist (Both of them are great read and highly recommended!). Further I finished listening to the Drama CDs for the series as well...

Thought that I have fully prepared myself prior to the release for the PSP game by Avex Entertainment x Otomate, which have been delayed to next year anyway. lol

Hence, without further delay I thought I'll just post this entry out!


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[PSP] Koisentai Love & Peace The PSP

Power Zenkai!

Have been eyeing out for otome games presented like "comics" (but Manga drawing style) recently. Namely Arcana Famiglia , Tiny x Machine Gun, Bakudan Bakudan... and now Koisentai Love & Peace! Probably because of those sharp highlighter colour backgrounds! lol My friends and I had abit of giggle when I mentioned that I'm actually interested in now Koisentai Love & Peace, because it's old school Power Ranger spin off! XD

It's simliar to Gakuen Tokkyuu Hotokenser except this have less Shoujo style and that the Heroine is the Pink ranger!

This super romantic battle comedy game called Koisentai Love & Peace is beautifully illustrated by Sakaki! The game was originally developed as an Otome mobile game by EMIQ and was ranked the number 1 Otome Game of the Year 2011, with the release of the 4 Drama CDs base on different routes by Broccoli! (lol Yes I've been looking more into Broccoli nowdays XD)

The portable version of the game (Along with more Dramas XD) is to be released in Japan 30th August 2012!


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[PSP] Hakuouki Yuugiroku 2 Matsuri Bayashi to Taishitachi

New website launch!

The official site just opened for the sequel to Hakuouki Yuugiroku by Idea Factory!

Nothing much at this stage really, but very interesting to see that they're still making money out of Hakuouki despite no new Hakuouki arts?! orz I see the support banner pictures are all rolled over/overused from various Hakuouki games...


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