[PS4] World of Final Fantasy

My play history on WoFF Part 1

Brought to you by my favourite JRPG company Square Enix http://www.square-enix.com/! I convinced Ry into buying the game when Final Fantasy XV was released... and he gave in mostly because it included a limited edition artbook (I love Tetsuya Nomura's artstyle)! I've been playing it last year when I was dog sitting over two weeks, and below the cut is my play through!

NOTE: Image heavy!


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[PSVita] Bad Apple Wars

Bite the forbidden Apple

Brought to you by Otomate x Idea Factory! I played this one mostly because of the Seiyuu - Sakurai Takahiro! I have in the past taken an interest in ALICE=ALICE too, so it's not surprising that I also have an interest in this one!

I guess the other factor that got my interested in this title was the illust Suoh, who also did the Rejet drama CD series Shinsengumi Wasurenagusa! Funny enough, I recently bought Suoh's artbook La Lumiere too. But sadly there was no Bad Apple Wars illust since it's released in 2015... I guess I need to get the visual artbook instead.


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[PS4] VR games

My play history of VR games

Recently I tried out VR games for the very first time at a Ry's place over the long Easter weekend! [emoji:v-353\]Below are the list of games which I had a short play for and which I would comment on under the cut!

* Ocean Descent
* Fruit Ninja VR
* London Heist
* Summer Lesson
* Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live

There wasn't much pictures of the gameplay since I was playing most of them, except I got tired by the time I played the Miku one. XD


[PSV] Persona 4 Dancing All Night

My play history of P4DAN!

Personally not a huge fan of P4 as I'm more P3 bias... but I do like Naoto, Kuma and Nanako from it alot so I guess I did make an exception for it. Many thanks to Akimi for lending me the game and her Vita console - as much as I did enjoy playing on my VitaTV on the huge screen, the touch functions on the vita console itself was relatively interesting! It actually reminds me of Tablets!

That said... why don't they release the game on Tablets!? *Coming from someone who bought Project Diva and was not able to play it due to the "Scratch" function*


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[PSP] Diabolik Lovers More Blood

More Do S Vampires!

Rejet just gave me more reason to become a DO M (And blog!). As a big fan of Sakurai Takahiro, I was thrilled to find out that he's gonna be part of the Diabolik Lovers team in the Fandisk - Diabolik Lovers More Blood!!! And simply having watched the PV of the game, I've already moved Ayato to second place and replaced him with Sakurai voiced character Ruki. orz (Talk about being seiyuu bias)


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