[Android] Setsubou Game

Despair Game

Brought to you by f.developer! Not to be confused with the Vocaloid song of the same title or the death games developed by other companies! But to be honest, that's what draws me to it in the first place anyway out of all the other escape room games! The gameplay is relatively fresh to me, but does gets boring after a while...

Gamble your life away!


[Android] Akazukin ni Ki wo tsukete

Red Riding Hood x Romance!

Brought to you by SEEC Inc! The continuation of the classic Red riding Hood story... featuring the decedent of the wolves wanting to revenge! I realised I missed this one during change over to the using an Android phone since my old iPhone was abit old! That said, the PR in the latest game Jimina Kare to Watashi no Koto (See my post here) worked even if it's hidden away in the avatar album at the very bottom (Hati is cute)! XD


[Android] Lost Memoria Haikan kara no Dasshutsu

Midnight Stroll

Brought to you by Web Hakushu but released by Metcats! I believe I have played their previous title Koi no Hajimari!? Kare no Henji wa Mada? before, however... I seem to not have posted anything on it (Typical)! XD The ad itself could be seen throughout the gameplay hence I had to mention it! (Good promotion I guess!?)

Not expecting much since it's a escape room game!


[iPhone] Bang dream! Girls Band Party!

BanG Dream!

Brought to you by Bushiroad International x Craft Egg, Inc! Started out as a manga series and had an anime last year apparently! Though the hype didn't kick in until I've been introduced to them during Singapore AFA last year and namely because of their first concert that I see so many people talked about. XD Well, those collaborations generally does make people want to try it out. For me it was more for Persona series and now Vocaloid too!

There's alot of 2.5D movements compared to the female oriented idol boys games! XD Not to mentioned it's fully voiced too!

This one is a lengthy one! Read on if you couldn't sleep!


[Android] Love Escape Tsuioku he no Tobira

Love (triangle) x Escape (Room)!

Brought to you by Bitworks Japan! I've only ever downloaded their Pocket Drama CD app previously, so I was relatively surprised that they merge the escape room game with the otome game gameplay with daily story tickets! Not to mention the theme is Love triangle! XD

With character beautifully designed and illustrated by Rera, who have worked on Hakuouki titles previously!


theme : Otome Game
genre : Games



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