[NDS] Chronicles of Mystery: The Secret Tree of Life

My play history of The Secret Tree of Life

Brought to you by City Interactive, this game is sequel to its previous works under the same title Chronicles of Mystery.

I would have never played this game if not for a friend who lend it to me. lol Not that the story is bad or anything, it actually reminds me of Professor Layton, only the puzzles are harder and hint are not as helpful (Needs a lot of trial and error)… Saying that you could imagine why I haven’t been playing any other games and opt to watch anime instead. (Every little seconds that Yamaken gets counts! I feel the fan services they're giving in Tonari no Kaibutsukun!!! lol )

But now that I have finally completed the game, I could go back to play other games! Such as Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side! I've been meaning to start it but I never got around to it since I was more attracted by Vitamin series! But before that, I shall blog about this game!


theme : Nintendo DS
genre : Games



PN: 木麻玖凝
♥: 乙女ゲーム, JRPG, 少女漫画, コスプレ, ボーカロイド, 同人グッズ, 櫻井孝宏, 梶裕貴, 津田健次郎, Clear.

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