[iPhone] Smartphone Kareshi (SmaKare)

50 Boyfriends in 1 App?!

It was mentioned in the PV so yeah. It pretty much sums it up, though more and more titles are coming so sooner or later it'll be 100+. =w= *Wishful thinking* But go check our their PV since it's actually quite entertaining, particularly the ending it make me LOL!

A web base Love AVG brought to you by D3Publisher, whose known for its Vitamin and Storm Lovers titles on PSP! With simple tap, the player (lol The pun! XD) could enjoy stories from various genres such as working life (Specific occupations), school life, historical, fantasy where they could meet different type of boyfriends ranges from Do S, oresama, mysterious, tsudere, devilish, pure, gentle prince, butlers and many more! You name it, they have it (in their description somewhere, though not necessary reflected in the personality – well what I think anyway :P).


theme : Otome Game
genre : Games



PN: 木麻玖凝
♥: 乙女ゲーム, JRPG, 少女漫画, コスプレ, ボーカロイド, 同人グッズ, 櫻井孝宏, 梶裕貴, 津田健次郎, Clear.

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