[3DS] Gyakuten Saiban 5: Trial

My play history of [3DS] Gyakuten Saiban 5: Trial

Wasn’t gonna blog about this backlog item until I get it on 3DS but I couldn’t resist the temptation after finally got around to play the demo for that was released on their website quite sometime ago! It have been almost a year since I last wrote about Gyakuten Saiban 5, which is known as Ace Attorney Dual Destinies. Must say I have been quite drained from my otome gaming and convention cosplaying. orz

And yes I still haven't bought 3DS yet because I was tossing between it and PSP (Yes P not Vita, because that's where most otome games are released on! Or even better! A 2DS which was announce today by Nintendo at a more affordable price because I never liked the 3D-ness to it anyway! Though saying that recently Otomate announced that the new Hakuouki Genkaroku and Amnesia V Edition will be released on PSVita in 2014.

On to a short post!




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