[iPhone] Ai no Kemono Love Beast

Kami no Okite ni Somuite Kindan no Kajitsu wo Musabore

Brought to you by Try-Angle Inc! The game is based off the Drama CD with the name Ai no Kemono Yo - Kami no Okite ni Somuite Kindan no Kajitsu wo Musabore (Crazy long yes lol)! Much like the Drama CD, the stories flows the same way except now they have added in additional illustrations, information and activities! Not to mention they also removed the voices... haha

I have been playing all their games actually but never got around to blog them. XD The only other one that I attempted to post (Yeah it's one of those backlogs ) was Koiseyo Oujisama since Kaji Yuki and Sakurai Takahiro are in it! I think that was their only voiced game! Also currently playing their Nightmare Harem (Athough the story is very similar to another one that I played previously... which is also in my backlog!!! ) since I think I've found the perfect Tsundere! XD


theme : Otome Game
genre : Games



PN: 木麻玖凝
♥: 乙女ゲーム, JRPG, 少女漫画, コスプレ, ボーカロイド, 同人グッズ, 櫻井孝宏, 梶裕貴, 津田健次郎, Clear.

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