[Cosplay] Gammacon!

@ AIS Arena!

Went to Gammacon (and Canberra) for the first time with Bambi, Froakie and Moja! Backdated to 17-18 September 2016!

Having heard some good things about Gammacon from Ry, we thought it would be a good time to travel to Canberra and do a day of convention and a day of sight seeing (Like we did for AVcon in Adelaide lol).

I was given the Pokeball look alike powerbank by my Cousin who left to work overseas recently so I thought I wanted to show off the Pokeball by cosplaying as Calem from Pokemon X again! I know... it's old, but since I've got quite alot of people's help to get Froakie years ago (and never used it), plus new anime Pokemon Sun/Moon will be out in November... I figured it was good time to wear it one last time!

Bambi on the other hand decided to cosplay Ashiya from Fukigen Na Mononoke An. So both of us ended up having to carry a plushie around the convention. =w=; As mentioned by Bambi, he does look like Joe Kido from Digimon without glasses with Moja looking like one too. lol


theme : Cosplay
genre : Anime/Manga



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