[LR] Third round! SydAni Cafe

Chinese themed pop up cafe!

The third SydAni Cafe was held on 26th February 2017, the Sunday that just passed.

I was going to decide if I will go depending on the food range (I was seriously thinking about there is bound to be one dumpling dish, but ending up not seeing any lol), but was later double booked by Hehalana for a Lolita Swap meet. In the end we dropped out a week beforehand and I was free again to go again! Unfortunately others have made plans and hence we booked into the first morning session. We normally go to the last sessions after food, so this time was abit different.

This time round I went last minute as Gense version of Hakutaku with a small kingyousou plushies (I'm just a fan of Kingyousou plushies and not so much of Maohaohao lol) from Hoozuki no Reitetsu! This marks my third character done for the Gense versions. Still love the series, but they only have OAD and not season two of the series. =w=

Below the cut are just some photos and thoughts on my experience during the session!




PN: 木麻玖凝
♥: 乙女ゲーム, JRPG, 少女漫画, コスプレ, ボーカロイド, 同人グッズ, 櫻井孝宏, 梶裕貴, 津田健次郎, Clear.

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