[NDS] Gyakuten Kenji: Case 4

My play history of [NDS] Gyakuten Kenji.

I'm up to case 4 of the Gyakuten Kenji already since I started playing it on Thursday (11/06/09). I call it PW5, though Pheonix Wright haven't appear in it yet... Not even sure if he'll apear at all. orz
My thoughts of the game so far:
* Miles Edgeworth have a really tough life, since he always management to bump into murder cases...? I mean, in just 3 days? XD

* Edgeworth is very dense, very dense indeed... in terms of love. *nod*

* Young Edgeworth seems to be alot more confident!? (Compare to that of 7 years later)

* Young Franziska is very cute in deed. She looks less evil and it looks like she's going to house riding. :P

* Interestingly, Gumshoe doesn't seems to age at all. Oh, I suppose his fear for Franziska never ceased as well. lol

* Gumshoe must be proud of his creation of Blue Badger, since it made it into a theme park.

* Mikumo plays a similar role to Maya & Trucy.

Other thoughts:
I played the demo game on the Official Site before. And I thought the pictures, and characters seems to be alot smaller. Perhaps its because you can now have more than 1 character on the screen having the conversation.

The game play is slightly different. I think it's closer to PW4 (Ace Attorney Apollo Justice) than of its other previous games. I do enjoy running around the areas, but I did not like the fact that you're stuck at a single location until you get all the clues from that location. I kinda missed how free it was for the previous versions that you're able to explore the places.

I really do hope that they'll make this game into a PS2 game. =3= And hopefully they'll add in more illustrations.

*Goes back to playing NDS*


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