[LR] Black Friday today!

My Black Friday - is full of FAIL orz

Today is my worst Black Friday ever! D: I was told that if you want to pass Black Fridays peacefully, you should never say the word "Black Friday". Not sure if that's true, but apart from that, strangely people around me all wore black today...
This morning I was woken up by my sister asking, don't you have work today? To my surprise, I am late. orz While getting ready and all, I was telling my sister about what I bidded with her ebay account late last night, and that tonight I'll bid for something else from the same shop.

Of all mornings, my sister, who, normally wakes up later than me on weekdays, woke up on time, and for some odd reason, paid the invoice that was sent from the shop last night! (Yes, I don't have paypal either D:) Now I can't get 50% off from the shipping, unless I buy 2-3 extra items along with the one I intend to get! So... I'm not getting it anymore.

Anyhow, I got to work late by approx 30 minutes and I didn't eat breakfast too. Manager P wasn't in a very good mood, I think it's to do with the cloudy weather? Only after a couple of hours, finally when it wasn't as intense, I asked colleague T whether she wants popcorn (I bought it the other day when she said she wanted popcorn and she helped me out with my study).

And so we went to the kitchen to heat up the popcorn. We read the instruction, it says heat it up for 1 - 5 minutes. So we set it on 5 minutes. After 3 minutes or so, the popping sounds got abit too much so I asked colleague T whether we should stop the heating. Colleague T said it should be fine, so we left it running while we walked towards the notice board to read.

When the 5 minutes was almost up, I thought it was weird how it looked like it was smoking in the microwave, I turned on the fan and went to switched it off. We saw steam coming out from the package, and the next thing we notice is the burnt smell. We opened the bag full of popcorn and saw the little black thing in the bag that helps heat the popcorn was melted onto the popcorn, so in the end, we had to chuck out the popcorn. The first person that opened the kitchen door was colleague S, and she asked colleague T about something and they left the kitchen.

While alone in the kitchen, I tried my best to ensure that the kitchen doesn't smell as bad anymore. I took the air refresher and used the other door that connects to outside to get the burnt smell out of the room since there's no window in the kitchen. orz I head back to the desk, but went back into the kitchen a short while later, and then Manager P came into the kitchen with a client to get some coffee. I said to Manager P that I burnt something, and he replied he knows because he could smell it. I asked if there were any ways of getting rid of the smell, he said to leave the other door that connects to outside open and said I should get colleague C to open the door. He was angry.

I felt so bad afterwards, especially my partner in crime, colleague T left me in the kitchen and that I had to take the blame myself. Also that I couldn't hide the fact that I did burnt something in the kitchen, walking around carrying the burnt smell of popcorn on my jacket and that of all times that I have used microwave popcorn at home before, that I actually burnt a packet this time. I wanted to email colleague C for helping me taking out the burnt popcorn which I chucked into the bin, and email Manager P sorry for the burnt popcorn. I could not help, but think about it all the time today.

Just before lunch, colleague N asked if I wanted to head out to get another packet... I told her that I think I'll be prohibited to use the microwave to heat the popcorn again. But nevertheless, I went and bought another packet. When I got back into the office, manager P and the team was gone, and manager M teased me about whether I'm having popcorn for lunch.

After lunch, colleague N asked if I'll make the popcorn. However, due to today's experience, and the fact that today is Black Friday, I believe things are not gonna be as smooth. I was told by the team that they went out to lunch. And it was a buffet too! D: The fact that I missed out on that makes me abit sad too.

By the end of the day, Manager P came to me and said that he was only joking when he told me off about the burning and that he don't mean to make me unhappy. I dropped a few tears because I felt abit relief and I have been feeling guilty the whole day since I hate making mistakes. He said that it was only popcorn, and the fact that there was no fire so everything is cool. In the end, I told him the whole story from head to toe, and he laughed at me. ; A ;

Before I left work today, I went into the kitchen again. I could still smell the little bit of burnt remaining in the air.

I think I'll be on heated popcorn retreat for a little while.

How was your Black Friday?

EDIT: Forgot that I bruised myself too. orz

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