[Convention] Animania Artist Table!

Will be at Animania!

LOL SUPER LAST MINUTE POST (only less than 12 hours before the convention starts!

Animania Festival is on 22-23 September 2012 at Australian Technology Park! I will not be having a table this year, however, my pins will be sold at Ry-Spirit's table # 3! His work is too good to be missed - that aside, he's also giving out free prints to those who knows the password, so please go check it out!
I'll be wondering around as:

Saturday: Tsubaki from Brothers Conflict with a Azusa and potentially a Ema (Hopefully, wishfully, please help me pray for one )

Sunday: Kanato from Diabolik Lovers with my triplets brothers Ayato and Raito, plus our delicous food Yui!

See you there!

P.S There's gonna be a Gangnam Style flash mob on Saturday!

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