[Cosplay] Animania

Animania @ Australian Technology Park

Let’s start just the Friday night prior to the Animania weekend shall we?

I’ll split the mini shoot we did for the weekend in a separate post, so this post is mostly cracks! XD

Photo (Mainly from phone) spam follows for the below series:

* Brothers Conflict
* Diabolik Lovers

May add more when I get some photos from the others next week!
Not our usual day before convention. Since we all know that during convention it’s hard to catch up with one another (Particularly photographers), so it was decided that we’ll do the dinner on Friday night. Though saying that, it’s probably not the best day to do dinner… because most of us haven’t finished our cosplay for the weekend (well mostly Sunday ones)! XD

By the time I got home, it was less than 1/2 day before Animania, so I immediately updated my last journal and also trying to drag Lapin to go to Animania! Talk about being organised.

Saturday - Day 1
Since we didn’t have a table this year, Hehalana and I took all the time in the world to be prepared, and got there after midday! ^^; (I think we’ve made our record!) Was the last one to get there out of my group. orz I was briefly hinted on Friday night dinner that I might get a little sister Ema for Saturday cosplay... and so I did!

Brothers Conflict Trio
With my lovely brother Azusa and sister Ema holding my favourite volume (cover) of the novel!

Brothers Conflict Inu boku
Watanuki @ Bambi as our temporary Juri orz Dewmelen and Celine at the back dropped out as my brothers and did Inu x Boku characters instead. :<

Hang with Lapin most of the day while the others were shooting(because I was under the impression that I won't have Ema with me so I was booked in with her ) and got to see the World Cosplay Summit skits! Surprised at how fewer cosplayers went to the cosplay competitions. Also we spent sometime together at the artist alley.

Artist table
Pimped the Green Kuma bear at Table 3 while Ry went for a walk. Was very tempted to shout FREE PRINTS lol! Luckily I didn't because he saw me when he sold one of his print during his absent. :P
Photo @ Wei (Thanks for wasting your shutter on me ;3;)

We skipped the cosplay catwalk, and did a mini shoot. It was great to catch up with Otome gamer friends like Ayuvi and Tammu! :D We exchanged abit of recent otome games information, though I missed alot of lovey dovey photos with my Ema and Azusa! But nevertheless, let’s plan a big otome game cosplay group for next year! Apart from that, I was glad someone actually knew where we were from! (The Otome Gamer fanbase is growing I tell you!) Though I looked more like a failed Visual Kei or as Dewmelen said, a Host. ^^;

It was a pleasant surprise to hear that Brothers Conflict will be turn into Anime next year! (lol I have been offline for quite sometime due to rushing cosplays!) Need more love for the series! Hopefully I'll get all my siblings (14 + Juri as hidden route *wishful thinking*) next year!

Brothers Conflict
My cute imouto Ema @ Kurako
My cute otouto Azusa @ Haruki
Tsubaki @ Nabari
Manry chains @ Bambi (Many thanks dude! Your chains made me more manry)

sticker Brothers Conflict
Sticker photos taken at the end of the day! We found out that we forgot to take a photo with our specially bought Starbucks coffee! orz We had a few phone shot to make up for it.

Got home around 11:30pm (The train ride and the cancellation of my train adds up) to start making hair clip for Diabolik Lovers group on Sunday for our Yui. Ending up sleeping at 2:30am.

Sunday - Day 2
After weeks of Kanato eyebag building (Was still sewing early Sunday morning orz), I have achieve the serious sleeping disorder look!

Kanato Yui hairclip
Made Yui’s hairclip! (Very OOC here) Wore it prior to delivering it to Yui and since Hehalana shared it without my permission already – here’s what it looked like.

Sunday was relatively quiet due to the reduced amount of cosplayers. Though it was fun hanging outside, all that Gangnam Style dancing and Yaranaika face. XD AND! Stealing people's costume!

strong world ayato
Strong World Shanks Ayato! Cape & hat @ Rayfy

strong world kanato
Strong World Kanato! Couldn't resist not wearing people's stuffs! XD Cape & hat @ Rayfy

Kanato Gumi
1-2 Fanclub With Tammu! She doesn't look too happy here, probably because I took her panda hat!

Tammu pipe
Tammu with a massive pipe @ Sally!

Kanato king
Kanato - King of Tsutsuyan!

Cosplay comp
Went to see the cosplay comp with Tammu and the others since Raito was having fun with Yui they were late.

Our fun only started when the sunsets! XD Where we finally got to play around with the fake blood and blood sucking with hard to put on kids vampire teeth! We were gonna use the blood earlier, but after tasting it I realised that it doesn't come off the skin easily. Fortunately I didn't wipe the blood all over my face because knowing myself I would have done that then realised that it's not coming off. orz

Diabolik Lovers
Do-M Komori Yui @ Kurako
Do-S Sakamaki Ayato @ Haruki
“hentai” is his middle name Sakamaki Raito @ Dewmelen
Sever sleeping disorder Sakamaki Kanato @ Nabari

Haunted house
Love this photo taken in the car, since it looks like we’re in a haunted house or inside a cinema of some sort! XD

Apart from having done a lot of cosplay on my wish list, I went to Chef’s gallery for the first time! Did a many mini videos whilst we were there. XD

Food Torturing! (Pun implied)

Kanato Eat
Here's my attempt of in character!

sticker DiabolikLovers
Sticker photos taken at the end of the day! I was sad half way through it to find that Kanato bear didn’t make it into the sticker because it become invisible! D:

Diabolik Lovers gonna get a set of chibi figures made, but it won't be on sale until March next year. orz

Diabolik Lovers Figures
I want...!

I’m always happy whenever there’s at least one person for both days (Not counting those who I know and spoken to them about the cosplays) that know of the character I’m cosplaying as! XD (lol I like cosplaying non mainstream too much). Well, Diabolik Lovers seems to be more popular than Brothers Conflict anyway! XD Unfortunately I didn't get to talk more with the Baka Test cosplayer about Otome game more, since she's probably interested in doing other cosplays!

Animania loot
My loot from Animania! Wasn’t much orz, I was gonna get the volume 4 on Sunday after finishing volume 3… but I couldn’t find it on late Sunday afternoon when I remember. =3=

animania pass
Animania passes!

Rumors has it that this is the last year of Animania... feedback from other artists and cosplayers doesn’t overly excited. As for Hehalana and my experience with the wrong pass given to us on Saturday for a weekend pass, and being hold up at the door on Sunday as if we were liars didn’t help either. Dunno if I’d say I’ll go next year, but surely depends if any of my friends decide to go!

Hopefully I’ll post some photo posts, since I’ll be busy cramming until I finish my exam on 23rd October!

Next convention will be Winter Comiket! <3

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Re: Kageji

I thought I saw you on Sunday (Not sure about Saturday since I was late) while we were taking some photos in the corner. I was like staring a by passing Kamui walking with a Takasugi from Gintama. I asked the others if that was you but they said probably not since you guys didn't stop walking. =3= I was kinda waiting for you to upload some photos to confirm. =3= You should let me know what you'll be cosplaying next time so I could find you too! >A<

lol I'm probably just more obsessed about the seiyuu in Diabolik Lovers! XD Or probably because I didn't have much photos of Brothers Conflict on this post? (I can't help it because Saturday was a catch up day for me with other cosplayers I met at conventions so I was talking more than photo shooting. orz That shall be fixed soon throughout this week or so! Since I have time to blog again!) Not sure about Diabolik Lovers on TV (But the game have been released since after Animania!), but Brothers Conflict (http://www.bc-anime.com/), YES! <3

Care to fill in our missing characters from any of the series!? >w<

No title

I thought i saw u on both days=A=
But im tooo shy>//< so i didnt ask is that u...
Nabari u really love Diabolik Lovers sooo much❤ i heard a news that said this will be on TV soon.........is that ture????=口=


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