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It's been approximately 2 weeks since I last watched the movie for Gyakuten Saiban. I haven't been able to blog about it since I needed to focus on my exam. But now that it's all over, I'll need to start (backlog) blogging again! I am actually re-watching it as I type this. XD Only with Japanese subtitles this time!

I will be using their English names for this post as I play the Phoenix Wright series in English (Only Miles Edgeworth investigation 1 & 2 did I play the Japanese version).

Spoiler alert for those who never played the game!
Gyakuten Saiban movie

Goes through all the cases from Game 1 covering Mia’s case and Edgeworth’s case (extended to include DL-6 case) with an additional requirement of judgement to be made (i.e. case to be closed) within 3 days. Although closely in line with the game, slight changes have been made to the side characters' roles (Due to unimportance!? ) and timing of the cases.

Thoughts on Scenes:
* Interesting to see how the Spirits were portrayed as Ghost-like (there were instances where I felt that I was watching a horror movie! ), and in terms of Maya's power of summoning the spirit which is only visible to Phoenix. If I was the judge I would have thought there's something wrong with Phoenix. :P
* Love the sidekicks which are added in as extras! Particularly the sad cleaners who swipe up the mess that is made after judgement is made and OMG Blue Badger! I almost cried when Blue Badger (Justice! ) stopped the Guilty judgement.
* Little bits and pieces of details if you pay close attention to them such as the Blue Badger plushie on Gumshoe's table.
* Comical reaction from yours truly – various villains and in addition audiences. XD
* Computer effects brings life to the characters! And the evidence showcase was bought to a whole new level! Super cool! The behind the scene was funny though with the green panel. XD
* Their children self is extremely adorable!
* BGM from the game! But not enough! I think there were only two instances where I thought "Ahhh the game music".

Thoughts on Casts:
Phoenix @ Narimiya Hiroshige: So cute the way he speak Objection and his "AH!" due to being an inexperience rookie in the bigger court! Love how silly his personality is portrayed. *is bias because he's Phoenix*
Mia @ Dan Rei: Totally look the role but lacking abit of the body. Though her appearance was short lived.
Maya @ Kiritani Mirei: didn’t quite like how she’s wearing her furry poncho/scarf which made her look like some rich lady! Plus, she plays Piano!? They never have that in the game! I only notice from the ending scene that she was too tall for Maya because she's suppose to be a head shorter than Phoenix. Even though I do ship Phoenix and Maya, I didn't like her much. >-<
Edgeworth @ Saito Takumi: Didn’t think he fits the role that well... probably until the credit parts where it leads onto Game 2. He somewhat lacks that confidence and needs abit more evil smirks.
Von Karma @ Ishibashi Ryo: Best cosplay-actor! Not only does he looks like the real deal, he acted like the real deal! That crazy broke apart solo performance was CRAZY! The cutting helps do the job too. Well done!
Gumshoe @ Daito Shunsuke: Too skinny and much cooler compare to the game! Could have use some weight gain, or probably suited better in the role as Edgeworth (Full of confidence and backed up by so many followers!). If they have a continuation, Fransika's whip should do the trick of turning him into the Gumshoe he should be! XD
Larry @ Nakao Akiyoshi: The way he speak does resembles the character!
Lotta @ Tanimura Mitsuki: She makes me hate her like I did when I was playing the game. Probably less annoying though. That Afro was priceless!
Judge @ Emoto Akira: Too much hair?! And expressionless. D:

It's been quite some years since I first started playing Gyakuten Saiban. I really enjoy watching it (again lol) in real life drama and I want a continuation with no change to cast! *Remembering what happened to Nana... the hype kinda dies after change of cast even though they may be more suited for the role* orz Suppose you need to choose and do it right from the first go!

I want to see Wendy Oldhag in action! Edgeypoo! Trollol XD But Boohoo they decided that she wasn't important enough for the movie. Probably because it'll make Edgeworth less cool. Though they could probably be able to replace her with the cleaners or something! XD That aside, if there'll be a continuation, please show Godot and abit more of Mia please! And of course, all the other new characters in the following series too! <3 Though probably not Apollo because it would means that a kid actor to act as the lead of the movie!? Also imagine the current Phoenix looking like a hobo. The horror!

Missed the gameplay? See part of the movie again in Game Style

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