[NDS] Chronicles of Mystery: The Secret Tree of Life

My play history of The Secret Tree of Life

Brought to you by City Interactive, this game is sequel to its previous works under the same title Chronicles of Mystery.

I would have never played this game if not for a friend who lend it to me. lol Not that the story is bad or anything, it actually reminds me of Professor Layton, only the puzzles are harder and hint are not as helpful (Needs a lot of trial and error)… Saying that you could imagine why I haven’t been playing any other games and opt to watch anime instead. (Every little seconds that Yamaken gets counts! I feel the fan services they're giving in Tonari no Kaibutsukun!!! lol )

But now that I have finally completed the game, I could go back to play other games! Such as Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side! I've been meaning to start it but I never got around to it since I was more attracted by Vitamin series! But before that, I shall blog about this game!
Young archaeologist Sylvie Leroux goes on an adventure from Venice with a mysterious map uncovered from a recently deceased colleague. The map leads her to danger with a mysterious organisation as she goes through the ancient artefacts to uncover the Tree of Life, which grants immortality to whoever tastes it’s fruits…

Puzzle Guide
Feeling stuck like I did? Particularly fitting items into confine spaces?! Check out the visual answers (I purposely play at least twice to capture the clear answer image)!

Packing up the Crate

Putting things into the Box

Art style is a cross between realistic and cartoon. Sylvie somewhat reminds me of FFIX, because she have a big head and smaller body. The lack of a sidekick for Sylvie gets me nervous sometimes, particularly when the drawings are quick dark.

There's the Count who appeared frequently throughout the story, but is it just me or does the Count looks like Keanu Reeves!? XD


Although he’s less capable compared to Sylvie, I did look forward for some romantic relationship between them... but that didn't happen. :V

In terms of hidden objects, most items are easy to identify as odd objects, however some are hard to see as they blend into the background. Unlike Professor Layton, you get penalised for tapping incorrect areas for hidden objects three times. There are hints, but as the hints is merely sparkles on the concerned area, I find that it adds very little value to the answer (Please explain to me what/why/how to fiddle around the particular area!? orz *feels dumb*)

The story/plot is solid in the game, definitely worthwhile playing it. Although the ending was left me hanging - the typical secret island was sink/exploded/destroy etc - but what happens to the characters afterwards\, particularly the mystery didn't really seems to be solved? Not sure if it's worthwhile playing the Hard difficulty setting and attempt to earn the title of "Impatient" by using 15 hints... I also realised I missed one of the map throughout the game! The puzzle seems to be the only thing that makes the game seems longer. I would want to play its sequel, but only if I have enough spare time for some tricky puzzles.

Official site

===== RANDOM EDIT =====
Pffftttt The short preview for this post shows as "My play history of The S" which relates back to my backdated post about Inu x Boku SS...! XD

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