[Cosplay] Brothers Conflict

My siblings can't be this cute!!!

Backdated post again! I’m actually more motivated to finish posting this (again) after reading another chapter of the 4 Koma version of Brothers Conflict Puru Puru by Deathco Cotorino on Sylph! To be honest I reckon it’s better than the Utapri version! XD It even features a prologue on the Asahina family brothers prior to Ema’s arrival and the news that they received regarding their new sister, which the novel didn’t give. Particularly Tsubaki and his Imouto Complex, the 4koma makes it seems more of a serious disorder than before! lol It makes me wonder what the anime would turn out to be when it’s done...!

Photos taken during Animania day 1, there wasn’t too many nor was there enough daylight since I arrived to the venue after midday, not to mention we watched WCS prior to doing our mini shoot. Hence grainy photos will be grainy!

Brothers Conflict
Asahina Ema @ Kurako
Asahina Azusa @ Haruki
Asahina Tsubaki @ Nabari
Manry Chains @ Bambi (Many thanks dude! Your chains made me more manry)
Photo @ Dewmelen & Bambi (High quality cracks from high quality camera! XD)

Lots of cute Imouto and Otouto loving pics under the cut!
We wore the headphone specifically for the suppose Volume 1 pose (It was the best we could do after much struggle. ). Though we realised it was somewhat impossible to do the exact same pose as the cover because...
Photo by Dewmelen

... it was not possible to have the headphone inside one another without strangling one another!! lol Brothers strangling Conflict in action behind Imouto's back! XD Could you tell who's winning the strangling!?
Photo by Bambi (Many thanks for the quality crack photo! XD)

Back to my imouto. First up family photo with my cute Imouto and cute Otouto!!
Photo by Dewmelen

And as usual, doing the standard otome bishie pose... XD
Photo by Dewmelen

After much chit chatting with fellow otome gamers Ayuvi and Tammu, I realised I missed out on too much action with my siblings! I've decided not to post those photos~ =3=+

Some imouto welcoming as seen in Volume 1 of the novel. XD
Photo by Dewmelen

Inner thought of hugging Imouto was too overwhelming to cover on the surface... *lol from the bottom of the Imouto Complex heart*
Photo by Dewmelen

Some otouto hugging too as seen in the novel...
Photo by Kurako

... but it didn't last long. (Sorry, Tsubaki have Imouto complex not Otouto compex XD) We lol non stop! It's probably the first most BL shot that Haruki and I ever did (Since I only like otome games)! And to think that Tsubaki is more Seme and Azusa is more uke, Haruki is definitely not up for doing any uke! XD I have to say, EVEN the original picture looks really misleading with Azusa resisting... orz I highly doubt that we'll do anything like this ever again!!!
Photo by Kurako

Cured by Imouto power~ probably not so visible, but that's the volume 1 novel next to me. XD
Photo by Dewmelen

After heading back into the venue it was already quite late. Probably 30 minutes before they kick people out. There I met another fellow otome gamer... who probably thought I looked like Subaru from Diabolik Lovers... but unfortunately I wasn't. orz

This happened behind my back as I was chatting about otome games...
Photo by Dewmelen

Taken as compensation. XD It was getting too dark for our cameras to take decent photos so we kinda gave up afterwards.
Photo by Dewmelen

After dinner that's when we remember we forgot to shoot the Star Bucks Juri coffee shop coffee cup!!! *Fails* So we went to get a small cup of coffee and stick the label on. We went Purikura AND still forgot to take photo with the coffee cup.

Finally a photo with the coffee cups! XD It took me a while to replicate Juri (YES I LOVE JURI) so it would be a shame if I didn't managed to have a photo taken with it! XD Taken at a Bar instead of a coffee shop. :P
Photo by Bambi (With his awesome flashlights!)

We plan to improve on another version of our costume (since there's still flaws ) Hopefully by then we would have more brothers (since the anime will be on next year!)... and a JURI *nudges Kurako*!!!

theme : Cosplay
genre : Anime/Manga


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