[MAD] Code Eru: Zettai Junshu no Chitanda Sama

Hyouka x Code Geass Crossover!

Although it's not an official anime, but the MAD was cleverly created by Arune on Niconico as a series of episodes based on Hyouka with Code Geass features.

With a mixture of anime crossovers (Yes there's actually more than just Hyouka and Code Geass references! Plus knowledge on other anime in terms of Seiyuu, BGM, sound effect, quotes etc brings this MAD to a whole new Gag level! ), including creative detective aspect with the need to pay attention to additional features added and popular OP/ED from other anime being replaced by Hyouka characters! Although short in length (approx 10 minutes per episode), it had OP, ED and ad break to fill up the gaps. Further the edits on characters' faces are priceless! XD

If you love Hyouka (Like me ) or you're curious (Like Chitanda Sama ) then you should read on for links to episodes!

At Kamiyama High School, there's a club called Kotenbu. The president of Kotenbu, Eru Chitanda is a beautiful girl like C.C and a dark personality like Lelouch... one fateful day, she met Houtarou Oreki who is a less energetic high school student. At that moment, Houtarou's heart became captive no other than the power of the Geass owned by Eru. Thus starts the Hyouka side story!

Stage 1 Majin to Deatta Hi
Stage 2 Itsuwari no Classmate
Stage 3 Full Metal Panic
Stage 4 I Scream
R2 Turn 1 Jotei

Notable Anime References
Ano Hana (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai)
Code Geass
Inu x Boku SS
Full Metal Panic!

Not sure if there's be a Turn 2 for R2 season of Code Eru (Since it seems that Arune started the series of Chuunibyou dakarakoso Rebellion ga Shitai) but I do hope for more episodes, namely more Oreki x Chitanda! The R2 made me lost interest for abit as Chitanda was making Oreki going after Itoigawa. =3=

theme : Anime
genre : Anime/Manga


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