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Angel AND Devil?

So I've did the routine check for new otome apps again. lol Interestingly, this app is placed in lifestyle (To be honest I'm abit lost at how they place these app into category ). Took a while to download since it's 137mb. orz This app is brought to you by GirlJack x Libre Publishing. Illustrated by Ishida Kaname, whose known for many BL manga titles... Not that I know any, but googles tells me so. :P

Somehow I knew it the first moment I saw the character designs (Just abit sensitive about these stuffs XD). BUT have no fear, this is purely an otome game!

One day, the heroine picked up a mysterious ring. She wore it but realised it wouldn't come off. Suddenly she was attacked by someone, but was rescue by a man with a friendly smile called Hinata who claims to be an Angel aka messenger from god. He said until the rings comes off, he will protect her from people whose after the ring, so they begin living together. On the first night, heroine find out that Hinata have a different personality called Setsuna, the devil who appears at night...

* Live 2D aka 2.5D system!
* He speaks and his face follows the touch of your finger tip. They count the number of touch too by multiple of 5! If I remember correctly, the maximum was 50 per day. I only tapped that many times to find out what could happen, nothing more! XD
* Daily fortune tell based on your horoscope.
* With over 500 fully voiced sentences, voiced by Okamoto Nobuhiko (Yes he plays a dual role/personality in this app!), whose known for the role Okumura Rin from Aoi No exorcist and Origami Cyclone/Ivan from Tiger and Bunny.

Hinata (Angel): Day time 6:00 - 18:59
Setsuna (Devil): Night time 19:00 - 5:59

With minor ad at the bottom of the screen, you get to read most of the story up to 16 chapters per character at free mode (21 chapters in total). Though there's no skip function on replay in album! orz I love the cute chibis character of Hinata and Setsuna in the about pages. Makes the reading more interesting. And at first I thought the Hinata chibi was a girl. lol XD Animate also give out special wallpaper present featuring the chibi pictures!

Interestingly, your relationship status with the character is clearly shown on the side of the room. As the story progresses, your relationship status changes. I don't know how I'd manage if I know the different status with each characters EVERY TIME it changes. I'd probably restart if I know it goes down or further away from the perfect end. XD

Personally I think I like Hinata better because of the way he blushes (So cute!). XD Or perhaps it's because of the fact that I dislike being called names by Setsuna. =A=+ Besides, because of the timing I play it, I actually come across Setsuna more than Hinata. orz Though I expect Setsuna's route to get better than Hinata's near the end of the story. *Insert extremely sweet route images* *v* I was please to see that they have the fully voiced scenarios re-playable in the album, but I was slight disappointment that it doesn't have any special event CGs (This person is hard to please!). Though saying that, I think even after finishing the game I would still open the app to check my daily horoscope readings.

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Re: Miki

You're welcome. I'm glad to know that people are finding my blog useful! :D I shall keep on blogging!

No title

Yees you really helped me, thank you so much!!! So it takes some time to unlock the next story o: Touching the characters is to speed up the whole progress a bit :3 I´m really glad that I found your blog :] I found a lot of iphone apps thanks to you x3 Please keep on blogging *-*!!

Re: Miki

To progress, you simply just login daily (At the time when Setsuna is out if that's who you want to pursue). :D Although at the beginning you should be able to get hearts for both character regardless who you see when you open the app. I think the touching bit is mainly to listen to voices, though I think tapping it at least 5 times a day would help also.

And yes, you do need to collect all the red hearts to fill the empty ones. Once it's filled, the special story unlocks and then another lot of hearts you need to fill. Only time will help you progress with this app.

Hope that helps. :D

No title

Thanks for the lovely post *-*!! I´m currently playing this game but I´m stuck at the very beginning :( How do I progress :(? Wherever I tough Setsuna I don´t get any pink hearts T_T And I read somewhere that you need them to get to the next chapter :((

Re: Angel Jamie

Unfortunately they only release the app in Japanese, so they don't have a setup for language change. =.='|||

How ?

Can you change the language to english ?


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