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Abit late to the party for this app I know, and I believe there won’t be further update. But thought I should blog about it regardless for those who might have missed another delicious (and nutritiousness lol) app brought to you by Visualworks x Putup.

Like many of Visualworks' collaboration on Soine Kareshi series, this app offers the users a chance to listen to seiyuus voice with their sweet words and eye candy beautifully illustrated by Kyou zip whose known for doing Vocaloid illustrations and many other fanarts.

Voice supplement

Vol 1 Characters
Yuuki (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa) – Oresama Oniisan Type
Soushirou (CV: Hatano Wataru) – Dark (?) Prince Type

Figure I don't need to type much about the background story since they come with english descriptions nowdays! How convenient! lol

Both two seiyuus are involve in Katanagatari!!! XD I don't know much about both seiyuus (apart from the fact that they're from Katanagatari!) but it seems like the selling point is more focus on Hosoya Yoshimasa! I mean, even the app icon shows his character and CV name! I can't imagine Shichika Yasuri from Katanagatari saying all this and the fact that he's kinda good at it!? lol Togame trained Shichika into a fine man! Further! Maniwa Shirosagi as White supplement!? XD How fitting is that!?

Highly recommend that you press Soundcheck to test your headphones at initial running of the app (If you skip it, don't worry, you could always replay it when you first run the app). Although no special visual image available during this test, but there's extra bits for listening from Hatano Wataru. Have to say he did better in the Soundcheck than in the actual white supplement? (It's probably just me!) XD

Unlike its precedents, interestingly in this app the replay function involves the image! That aside, you will note that I always check out which catagory the app is located in, and this time it's actually in Entertainment instead of health?! XD

I do like the style of the illustration in this app. Probably somewhat reminds me of Starry Sky? Not the colour but the style...? Both characters are visually appealing to me. To be honest, I like the look of Soushirou more, but his voice wasn’t to my liking as much. :P Yuuki looks good too but I don't get so much of the Oniisan vibe. orz I don’t think they’ll add new characters for this app. Since... The two characters are in the same image and have taken up the screen already?! XD Regardless whether it'll update with additional characters I do believe this is yet another great app for keeping - particularly if you're a fan of the seiyuu!

===== 26/02/2013 Edit =====

Updated with two additional characters where both seiyuu from Kuroko no Basket. =v='||| (At least that's where I know them from) With minor change to the layout, it's now divided into volumes.

Voice Supplement Vol2
Took me a while to screen dump one without the text! XD

Vol 2 Characters
Haru (CV: Yuuki Ono) – Mischievous Type
Kaede (CV: Ryouhei Kimura) – Seductive Host Type

lol Kaede's character design reminds of of Shou from Diabolik Lovers *is addicted*, that or Suzuya from Starry Sky. But to be honest, I think the vol 1 characters looks better... I'll leave vol 2 thoughts short. I'm happy to say that we may get another volume update in the near future (Wishful thinking)?

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