[Cosplay] Diabolik Lovers -Haunted Dark Bridal-

Diabolik Lover's Brothers Conflict

Strange title I got there? XD lol I blame is on Bambi for not properly referencing the two titles. Here's for another backdated post which happened the next day after our Brothers Conflict shoot at Animania! Interestingly it all make sense when reading the title together and it looked like a totally new title for the sequel! (j/k)

Komori Yui @ Kurako
Sakamaki Ayato @ Haruki
Sakamaki Raito @ Dewmelen
Sakamaki Kanato @ Nabari
Photog @ Bambi & Sigg

If fake blood, vampires, Do S & Do M (If you survived from my last post on S and M you'll probably manage this one lol) is not your thing, please refrain from reading below the cut. :P

Limited R rated photos below the cut!

After much nagging and the increasing promotion of Diabolik Lovers I was able to get the others to do the group cosplay with me! >w< Many thanks to Haruki for not doing Reiji and did Ayato instead to complete the triplet group!
Photos @ Bambi

Another group shot with the food before we feast... :P
Photo @ Bambi

Trying hard to be Yandere...! This is probably the most Yandere photo of all the pictures. Special thanks to Bambi for making me manry all the time! XDDDD
Photo @ Bambi

My take on feasting on food Yui (The toy vampire teeth didn't fit me so I didn't use it in the end...!)! Teddy made the photo looks less scary. XD
Photo @ Bambi

Round 2 of the mini shoot, we started playing around with the fake blood when we decided to call it a day, because the blood stains and won't wash off that quickly. orz

Ayato and Raito playing with blood (like natural) and alot of LOL (aka Lots of Licking).
Photo @ Sigg

Raito is always the first one to feast on Yui with the LOL attack.
Photo @ Sigg

Ayato was next because my Kanato looked like checking Yui's blood pulse than blood intake in contrast to their attacks... orz I'm only better with attacking with food (force feeding). (/ n \)
Photo @ Sigg

And while Ayato was at it. I Just had to do it... XD
Photo @ Sigg

By the end of the day, I discovered a better way for me to feast on food...
Photo @ Sigg

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