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Read a news! Arcana Famiglia Next Project!

lol It's been a month since I returned home from the wonderful land of Japan... so after leaving the blog for that 1 month made me lazy. (Excuses for catching up with all the newly bought goodies)

Instead of posting some photos from the Winter Comiket 2012, I've decided to start off with this news from HuneX announced earlier this month. (Mind you, I bought quite alot of Arcana Famiglia doujinshi from Winter Comiket! ) HuneX released the teaser trailer on their website for La Storia della Arcana Famiglia 2 project announcement!

New issue of Dengeki Girl's Style for March 2013 includes 22 pages of exclusive information on the new characters Serafino (CV:Ono Yuuki), Teo (CV: Ousaka Youta), Elmo (CV: Iguchi Yuuichi - though I don't really consider him as a new character but I suppose it means that he's now a playable route!? XD) and the story, which is set after the previous games such as the matured Nova is no longer the Hiyokomame...! The changes for the other existing characters are yet to be released... which I kinda look forward to. But to think about the age of the older characters now - like Jolly - is abit too much... lol I wonder if they're going to retire them and replace them with the new characters eventually...? XD I mean, Ash is kept as a main now too.

That aside I'm sad that I couldn't get the Arcana Famiglia Mobile Card game... more Sarachiyomi's illustration I'm missing out on. orz

I was glad to see her beautifully illustrated light novels and bought her special edition of the novels for Arcana Famiglia with all the drama CDs whilst I was in Japan!!!

But lol prior to that I should need to finish all the other novels which is interesting but a pain to read without all the pictures like manga. ;A;

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