[Cosplay] Comiket 83 Day 1

Comiket 83 @ Tokyo Big Sight

At last! Had time to blog about Winter Comiket! We went to Comiket 83 Day 1 (29th December 2012, and yes this is a backdated post orz) as Cosplayer! Last minute change of plan from originally planning to cosplaying on Day 3 to Day 1. Prior to that I had time to improve my Fushimi cosplay with dye colour wig (darker), new daggers, sword shaft x 3 and shorter jacket!

Scepter 4
Munakata Reishi @ Dewmelen
Awashima Seri @ Kurako
Fushimi Saruhiko @ Nabari

Gonna start abusing the new thumbnails function on fc2! :D

Warning: Photo spamming follows.
Day 1
We arrived to Tokyo Big Sight around midday-ish, and went to the female change room to change into our cosplay. Although we actually wore majority of the costume already just covered with a coat, but because there’s a rule that all cosplayers can’t wear their cosplay and head directly to the convention. The entry is free to the Comiket itself, but we had to pay a fee of 800 yen to access the change room.

Winter Comiket Day 1
Inside Tokyo Big Sight, just outside the way to change room

Change room
Interestingly it’s not really a change room with separate cubicle. To sum it up it was a huge warehouse with carpet separate into different section. There’s no mirror or chairs, just carpet. So for those who intend to cosplay, remember to bring your own mirror! Funny thing is that you basically see all the cosplayers that are at the convention on the day inside the change room. There are only a few designated areas where you’re allowed to take photos of cosplayers. Most cosplayers goes for private photoshoots, so I suppose we didn’t have a chance to photograph most of the cosplayers seen inside the change room. The lack of reading didn't help either. The book that we were given upon entry to the change room was Do's and Don't AND map! orz We ended up missing alot things because our limited knowledge of Comiket.

Anime/manga never gets too old. I still see Bleach, Naruto, Vocaloid, Hunter x Hunter and Sailor Moon (Though that’s probably because of the new Anime), Final Fantasy VII, Dragon Quest, Basara and many more cosplays, doujins and merchandise! Following other cosplayers didn't help either because you could wonder around the hall browsing doujin tables. We followed a pair of Subway Master cosplayers to the far end of the East hall - only to find more Subway Master cosplayers there.

Interestingly for us, the first cosplayer that we saw was MI.SA.KI (from K Anime)! When Misaki and my eyes meet both of us laughed, because I was cosplaying as Fushimi Saruhiko. When Kurako and Dewmelen saw what I saw they laughed as well. The funny thing was prior to going to Japan, I was worried about seeing a Misaki cosplayer at Comiket. Mainly worried if they're Fushimi x Misaki fans and if they'll do anything to me. orz Without much being said apart from just LOLing, both of us took out our camera to take some photos together.

Winter Comiket Day 1 Misaki 1
Fushimi vs Misaki (@ Shoko, I asked for her name when I bumped into her again inside the East Hall at her friend's table!)! Many thanks to Kurako to help me take the photos. They were the one and only ones, I was glad I didn't blink!

Winter Comiket Day 1 Misaki 2
What I was worried happened but not as extreme as I thought it to be. Her friend mentioned that she's a fan of the pairing, and she politely asked if she could pull my collar. lol (You could barely see my poorly drawn tattoo there because of my messed up collar) Kurako seems to be interested in the pairing after seeing how much I was blushing. orz

Winter Comiket Day 1 Misaki 3
I requested this but none of our tattoo were showing! orz Now we look like we simply have collar pulling fetish.

Winter Comiket Day 1 Stairs
Having wondering around abit we were slight disappointed that wasn't as crowded as we thought it to be (due to the fact that we were at the non main cosply area). Since we only have 3 people, we could only do 2 people per photo.

Winter Comiket Day 1 Group
Probably the only photo of us as a group, apart from photos taken by other people on their camera. orz

Winter Comiket Day 1 Omake
Having a supposed Fushimi x Misaki photo to start off, they were in the mood for more pairing shoot. But I say no to Munakata x Fushimi.

Winter Comiket Day 1 MunaSeri
But I approve Munakata x Seri!

Winter Comiket Day 1 Omake2
Though I do missed Seri x Fushimi. XD (I just love doing random cracks regardless of places)

We were glad we didn't use the locker (500 yen) since when people are leaving, you need to queue to retrieve your luggage. Even changing requires queuing also. We came across a few other K anime cosplayers (Since the anime was still running, and ACOS only released the Cosplay costume 3 days prior to Comiket) but not of a group whilst queuing into the change room. After we got changed there were still cosplayers queuing to get into the change room, even outside the venue (where the main cosplay location was!) and to the train. orz

Cosplayers on the Day 1
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