[Cosplay] Comiket 83 Day 2

Comiket 83 @ Tokyo Big Sight

We went to Comiket 83 Day 2 (30th December 2012, and yes this is a backdated post orz) as Con goer! Since we didn’t have to worry about make up etc, hence we arrived to the venue on time! (YAY!) Pity about the weather but, it was pouring! I didn’t have a chance to take a photo of the large Gundam statue that we went pass by train because of it. orz Though we were somewhat relieved that we did cosplay on Day 1 when it wasn’t pouring (let alone thinking what would happened to Day 3, which we didn’t end up going since we went shopping instead) despite missing out on the main area. Because of the weather, the awesome cosplayers were more easily find since they were moved inside the hall for shelter.

Warning: Photo spamming follows.
Day 2

Winter Comiket Day 2
Despite the weather there's still alot con goer early in the morning!

Today we split up and arrange to meet up at a certain time at a certain spot as our interest differ. We all headed to the West hall initially since it was the closest to the door. As we were heading down the escalator, awesome cosplayers being surrounded by photographers were already in sight. (See end of the post for all the Day 2 cosplayer photos!)

I regret not getting the Hyouka doujinshi when I saw it on Day 1, my friend didn’t find the Avengers doujinshi that she was gonna buy on Day 1 also. I think the tables are actually different every day… I’m entirely sure because I didn’t end up getting the Comiket booklet which have all the tables on an index (It’s thick like yellow pages!). I note there were rows worth of the table that was empty for 2 days. I later found out they were the Kuroko no Basket tables. I did walk around every table in the west hall, until I realised it’s not viable to do so since I’m not particularly interested in some of the themes.

Interesting things I found that is different from Australia’s conventions that I’ve been to:

* People queue to purchase at the table. The last person have to hold the sign that says “This is the end of the line for table xxx”. I didn’t queue for any given the lack of time to visit all stores without them being sold out before I get there.
* Popular artists have bigger tables which is against the walls, and where people queue.
* Popular books gets sold out!!! I went to one of the Gintama table and they were sold out! D: I bought their older doujinshi instead. But thankfully, doujin groups do put their doujinshi on the shelves of shops – although with commission, I managed to get the sold out book and it was totally worth it! \(^o^)/
* People tend not to check out artist’s sample book and just buy it immediately. I asked if I could look at the samples and was given weird stares. ^-^; I take it it’s not common for people to flip and not purchase (Though I do buy them in the end in most cases), but hey, it does say sample and feel free to flip.
* Pairing have their own rows... I was shocked to see BL pairing having few rows of tables *covers face*.
* It was always a pleasant surprise to find what I want. Surprisingly to find the otome game rows.
* After 2pm the table traffics (lunch?) seems to die down (Sold out?).

WinWinter Comiket Day2 Loot
Hardly enough purchases! >A<'||| Why don't they print more copies of things so they're not sold out!? orz Taken at the Hotel on the night of Day 2.

I was glad that I met Maki – the ever popular illustration artist of Angelic Pretty and Arina Tanemura whose known for Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (Though I had to go back to the table the second time to double check). Being inspired by other artists to get back to drawing doujin, I went to the stationary store to buy some pens. I bought a proper G-Pen so I could try using one!

I would definitely go back to Comiket (if I have the chance) just to get the doujinshi and seeing the doujin artists IRL! Though I don't think I'll be heading back to Japan anytime sooner.

Cosplayers on the Day 2
Being not allowed to takes photo of around the artist tables. Further, cosplayers are not stopped while browsing around the artist tables (non cosplay area). Even had to queue to take photos of cosplayers! Mainly Famous Cosplayers (for whatever the reason) gets surrounded by great wall of photographers. Not all the photos are uploaded (Though I spent more time spreeing then taking photos). Here goes!

Winter Comiket Day2 01 Winter Comiket Day2 02 Winter Comiket Day2 03 Winter Comiket Day2 05 Winter Comiket Day2 04
Winter Comiket Day2 10 Winter Comiket Day2 08 Winter Comiket Day2 06 Winter Comiket Day2 09 Winter Comiket Day2 07
Winter Comiket Day2 12 Winter Comiket Day2 11 Winter Comiket Day2 15 Winter Comiket Day2 13 Winter Comiket Day2 14
Winter Comiket Day2 16 Winter Comiket Day2 20 Winter Comiket Day2 21 Winter Comiket Day2 17 Winter Comiket Day2 18
Winter Comiket Day2 25 Winter Comiket Day2 24 Winter Comiket Day2 23 Winter Comiket Day2 26 Winter Comiket Day2 22
Winter Comiket Day2 29 Winter Comiket Day2 30 Winter Comiket Day2 28 Winter Comiket Day2 27 Winter Comiket Day2 31
Winter Comiket Day2 32 Winter Comiket Day2 33 Winter Comiket Day2 34 Winter Comiket Day2 35

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