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Figure I should leave the post con entry for later until after I gather more photos from my friends. So in the interim, I'll be updating otome apps that I found.

This is another typical seiyuu app where you just tap to hear their sweet voices. Brought to you by General Agent Inc (It appears there’s a new trend of small otome game companies having facebook fan page as their official website)… which is a relatively new company I believe (If I couldn’t find other apps on them, they gotta be new lol *nod*). Though if they were able to get Mamoru and Kaji onto the team then either they have lots of money or I didn’t have enough research under the Entertainment category. XD


Mizuno Tokito (CV: Miyano Mamoru) – Gentleman whose quiet but passionate

Is it just me or does Miyano's character looks like Fushimi Saruhiko from K Anime which he recently finished dubbing. Lol Ok, it’s probably just me since this character’s personality isn’t that wicked.

Kazama Akira (CV: Kaji Yuuki) – Young Man with bright and energetic smile

Just finished watching Shinsekai Yori where Kaji Yuuki (My second favourite Seiyuu right after Sakurai Takahiro! He was also voted No. 1 Favourite Seiyuu of year 2012! ) voiced as one of the main lead Satoru Asahina. The reason why I bought up Shinsekai Yori was because of what Kaji’s role Satoru said. He constantly said he’ll protect Saki. So similarly in this app, when I heard him said he’ll protect you I couldn’t help but think about the anime. XD

Highly recommended to go watch Shinsekai Yori for those who likes abit of dark story with the introduction of new terms from a brand new universe (Applause for author’s vivid imagination!). Based on the novel by Yusuke Kishi which spread over 25 anime episodes, you see the development of individual characters and complicated relationships and the dark history of human civilisation. *Spoiler alert* I still couldn’t get over the fact that there were BL and GL in it, I must admit I was equally shock like Saki when she saw the pair together. Episode 11 really shocked me. =w=’||| I was expecting more love rivalry between the guys but nothing like what I expected. The ending was overall satisfying for me (lol Kaji bias, and that blushing face during the ceremony really did it for me! ), they got together in the end as the only survivors from the main. *Spoiler ends* I’ll probably leave it to another post (if I'm bothered) since it’s gonna be a lot of spoilers! But what I really wanted to say is that I could see Kaji’s career expanding a lot more recently in a lot of anime and otome games as main leads. :3

Relatively strange to not see the story and character profiles on the app itself but on its facebook page. I suppose its the only way to get people to visit it? The facebook page actually ties back to the title more. It explains that the two characters are Guardian spirit of the Water and Wind element. The user is the master of the Guardian spirit. The Guardian spirit are not suppose to touch their master until the master have decided that they'll be their Guardian spirit (partner).

I must admit, the drawing caught my attention (Have a love for Bishies *shot*). Two still sketches (well plus cover if you really want to count it) by artist unknown (Correct me if I'm wrong but It seems like their selling point was the two popular seiyuu so they didn't bothered to mention the artist?), with 73 different gentle and sweet dialogues per character in various situations voiced by Ikemen voices. Just like your usual otome app, there's two different setting for each character - talk and talk more. It was kinda funny to hear them speak as though they were gonna feed you… but holding a flower bouquet…? Weird but ok. Similar sentences (Either they’re not creative enough or I have listened to too many otome dramas?) were used but said it in a different tone / way. In addition, there's two dialogue per character in the alarm function. On top of that, it’s FREE!

I wonder if they're update more elements (characters) in the future?! :D

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