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Limited time only NEWS!

Just a quick update on some otome games related news from various otome game companies!

Going mostly through my interested titles!

*Posting screen dumps later because I'm off to chocolate hunt!*
Otomate announce:
* New project under making for Hakuouki! lol Hakuouki is so overused... Ura just barely started.
April13 Hakuouki
* Brothers Conflict - Brilliant Blue - characters update!!! (Highly recommended for Kaji Yuuki obsessed fan such as myself to preview!!!) XD Ensure you click on all characters AND listen to their sample voices!!! (They almost killed me! LMAO)
April13 BC BB
* Princess Arther diary update!
April13 Princess Arthur
* Otomate Special project - Otome Island since 1994! I would love to play their 2004 game title Kazama Kakuseisu!!!
April13 Otomate Island

Honey Bee's favourite Starry Sky AND Seishunn Hajimemashita! is getting its own clothing line with Uniqlo (aka Honeyqlo) for limited time only! Great idea for casual closet cosplay? Get them before it's too late! (Too bad they don't have Tsukiko. =3= )
April13 Honeyqlo

Broccoli announce:
* Utapri (Uta no Prince Sama) is also having a collab with Uniqlo (aka Priqlo)! AGAIN why is there no female lead (Nanami's) casual clothing.
April13 Utapri
* Information (In Japanese and in gods languages) have now been released for new student enrollment on their website for Kamigami no Gakuen (Kamiasobi)! Actual enrollment starts in 10 days! Have you decided your future as a God...? If you can't find what you're looking for, try their Godeye function!
April13 Kamiasobi

Hunex announce:
* Pero Pero Joushi - which is the gender bend version of the Pero Pero Danshi Drama CD series! Somehow the girl designs seems to be more to my liking...?! And lol the PV song - "PERO x 2 Carnival"!!! XD
April13 Peropero Joushi
* Arcana Famiglia crossover with Pero Pero Danshi - one could only imagine the whole series going wrong - including the new character Ash and... Papa...!
April13 Arcana Peropero

Royal Prince Gakuen releases members could now marry their prince! Registration form avaliable on their website today only! (LOL SAKURAI~ ) Plan your wedding today!
April13 RPGakuen

Rejet announce:
* Wasurenagusa will have a Gakuen Dramam featuring school roles for different characters.
April13 Wasure
* Seventh Heaven will have Seven Snacks, featuring different flavours for different characters.
April13 Seventh Heaven

Dengeki Girl's Style release cover for May 2013 issue with the new series Hakuouki SSL ~ Sweet School Life ~! I seem to see a consistent use of Hakuouki today. =w=
April13 Hakuouki SSL

Sylph announce Sisters Conflict (Gender bend of Brothers Conflict)! But OMG their female self are all so HOT! I like Masami, Ukyo, Tsubaki, Azusa, Louie, Wataru in both gender! XD Kaname, Subaru, Iori kinda changed my opinion about them in their female form (Why are they so cute!?)! Also redirecting you to Usatan Market, guest Fuuko featuring Asahina Bakeries. April13 Sister Conflict April13 Asahina Bakeries

Asgard releases a special banner for a sub character in Double Score. Very special indeed!
April13 Double Score

Karin Entertainment announce:
* New title with a new main lead from the series Danzai no Maria aka Danzai no Klaus!
April13 Danzai no Klaus
* Psychic Rain demo game available for download with the actual game release date 02/01/2112!
April13 Psychic Rain

Poni-Pachet announce OzMafia Jam! So it seems they have finally given up on making the game.
April13 Ozmafia

D3 Publisher announce Storm Lover 2nd voiced Web manga! 1 beautifully drawn sample page per character!
April13 Storm Lovers

That is all for now! (They all seem legit too!) Hurry and visit all the sites before they disappear!

Last but not least!

Happy April Fools Day!

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