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Found a Manga! Lost+Brain

I just read a manga by Akira Ohtani. And here I thought it looked awefully familiar to something... but it's not just me! I googled the 2 titles, and it was proven that everyone else is aware of it and the manga was able to continue in Shonen Sunday...
After reading the first volume, I noted the following similiarities between Lost + Brain & Death Note:

* The main character Hiyama Ren is a Light look alike, top student, short hair, founds life boring. He intend to control the world (with Hypnotism). However Hiyama has more of a murderous personality to start of with...? I mean, when Light killed someone, he would still be scared... but Hiyama...?

* The Kuonji (Internationally recongised hypnotiser) looks like Kanda from DGray man... not like L. lol

* Hiyama used Takagi Yuka because of her uncle Kuonji. Yuka who looks like Misa... and likes Light I mean Hiyama. Yuka was invited to Hiyama's room, and she wanted to be useful to Hiyama and let him hypnotised her to obtain the list of patients of her uncle (instead of police name list).

Despite the similiarities, I do like the use of hypnotism as the main story. It makes Hypnotism look so dangerous! With a list of signals to make people do something they didn't want to do and do it unconciously and using hypnotism to recover memorie to find the person that has done it. Which reminds me of... Code Geass...!? D:

The drawings wise... is not as good as death note, and some angles does resembles Death note too. Nevertheless, the story itself isn't too bad at all so I might continue to read on to see if it'll be different compare to Death note.

I suppose nowdays it hard to create a very original story in the real world, since mangas are created everyday day in Japan. It's just a matter of who gets it published first. orz


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