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So I went to the premier of the Oblivion with Hehalana last night and I was gonna blog about it last night after a late dinner but was excited talking about otome games then figure it was too late to do one.

Just a Japanese anime/manga/game fan with a amateur view of the movie and thoughts of what each thing means.

60 years after the alien invasion, Jack Harper is one of the last few drone repairmen remaining on Earth. Near the end of his mission, Jack rescues a survivor from a crashed spaceship, who looks like the woman in his recurring flashback?

Yes that's pretty much the plot.

*Spoiler alert*

Movie Oblivion


Story itself was quite predictable, given simple storyline and familiar similarities from various films, such as Wall-E (Finding “precious” plants and bringing it into the clean room – although we later discovered there’s a oasis somewhere anyway), 20th Century Boys (Main character’s peaceful live in the country with a music playing in the background as though he was the only last person on Earth), Final Fantasy VII (Jack riding a white Motor bike heavily reminds me the Cloud except opposite colour all together), Inception (I was expecting something good like inception in the end, because Jack49 have his nose bruised as a “marking” to let audience know which Jack survived in the end), Star Wars (The chase in air was like video game cut scene), which sums up to The Sky Crawler (Crewman and cloning except the fact that Jack and Victoria don’t age or progress any further than that time frame).

Great beautiful scenery I must say, I wonder how much of it was computer generated, since they would have to build these housing/stage basically in the middle of no where. I was disappointed that there was no actual Alien-like Alien (like predator! ), but an upside down pyramid that speaks human language and God wannabee by making clones of Jack and Victoria as Adam and Eve. It was more technology (Futuristic technology throughout the film) vs human rather than alien? It probably is but it’s not clear to me what was the purpose of the initial invasion. Also, the lack of visual of the “thousands of Jack” attacking the humans. =3= But as Hehalana said, cloning Tom Cruise would have been expensive. lol The last scene where Sally detest Jack and Malcolm’s (somehow I knew he’s in that “coffin” since it doesn’t make much sense to send Julia in there, since we needed more humans!) BL relation was hilarious! lol (At least to me!) Probably Sally is an otome at heart! XD

Most of the time were spent on flash back moments of the exact same scene and the whole chase of the Drones. I would rather they have more characters development. Sykes looked like someone from Lord of the rings I don’t know why and the thought of him being together with Julia did come across mind since his rescue of her (And many other people). Further, I would see that as a way of moving on (No more cloning!). Given limited characters with names, they could have gotten rid of surnames all together!

Some ideas were quite vague and appeared too late in the film without enough time to develop further. It was like first half of the movie (Scavengers - Alien focus) and the second half (Drones - Technology focus) doesn’t quite tie together. Like the radiation zones were created for specific Jack so they wouldn’t realised there are other clones? Why was Jack’s memories erased? How Jack52 went missing after being tied up by Jack49 and how Jack52 ignores Julia – the woman of his dream – injured there which out checking her doesn’t make much sense (Unless Jack52 was captured by the resistance?). But when Jack appeared in front of the family again, I knew it was Jack52 since he would have been the only Jack remaining on Earth since then. Then, I wonder what happened to Victoria52 and whether they got rid of her high up in the sky? Why are the resistances dress as aliens (I think they still get attacked regardless)? Jack would have stopped fighting the resistances should he knew they were humans then!?

If you were to ask me, I would simplify the whole story into one sentence of "It is a love triangle with the help of Sally bring Victoria’s dream to reality'. =3=

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Funny thing when I was at the cinema, I thought the Into Darkness poster and Oblivion poster looks amazingly similar.


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