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Butler Cafe at Ikebukuro

I don’t think I’ll blog about the Maid Cafe experience we had while at Japan early in the year. The one we went to didn’t have non smoking area. Hence our memory of it was maid cafe = cigarette smokers and underage girls. Apparently it’s better to go to the known ones, but you really have to know where they are. We also had the pleasure to bump into a Danshou Kei (Girl dressed as boy) escort which we at first thought they had a cafe store, but turns out they only do escort service (E.g. go watch a movie, dine, shop with you) around the area (would like to go to a cafe one! ). We jokingly said we should help fund the trip by doing the same after knowing their hourly rate. XD

This is just a short post on our first experience at the Butler Café. Not much photos since we’re not allowed to take them indoor (as well most of these places)!

Swallowtail Butler Cafe is known at Ikebukuro. They’re almost like celebrity butlers, where they have their own musical, merchandise and even a drama CD which features a REAL seiyuu (For those who are curious, it’s Morikubo Shoutarou!) too!

The stairs to the cafe.

We arrived there fashionably later than expected. orz This is mainly because we were traveling to Ikebukuro from Shinjuku (And partly because waking up late). We didn’t confirm our original appointment whilst staying in Ikebukuro, but thankfully we managed to squeeze in a time just before we head off Tokyo. The butler that greeted us at the door to check reservation was relatively tall to my surprise. We were seating whilst waiting to get in. When we were told we are able to enter, we were greeted by a older but experience butler Tanaka-san look alike from Kuroshitsuji! (I didn’t catch his name lol)

We were placed at the VIP seats (which I found out later) and were served by Aoi (I think he’s the main butler at the “Blue Rose” cafe, and he's known to resemble Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji?). Our bags were returned to us and they use a cloth to cover your bag. I guess it’s probably so that you can’t do video recording from your bag, or you can’t take your phone out to take photos. Aoi explained the general rules and procedures, and explain the fact that we need to ring the bell to ask Butler to assist you with food, drinks and to the toilet. =w=’|||

I dropped my napkin by chance (Because I'm not ladylike) and caught Aoi’s attention upon picking it up and placed it back on my lap thinking no body notice it. (DAMMIT ) He said he’ll replace the dirty napkin with a new one. But after he came back with our tea, I realised he must have forgotten all about it. After a longer while (when I finished my first cup of tea), he came to pouring more tea. That's when I finally had a chance to asked him if I could get my napkin back (Although it wasn’t a proper sentence since I was so embarrassed at that moment and I just wanted to find a hole and hide ). I didn’t look at him, but Dewmelen saw Aoi running to get a new one for me because he obviously have forgotten about it. Lesson learnt, don’t drop napkin!!! When I received my napkin back, I press my hands on it so that it doesn’t fall and I said to my friends I’ll never let it drop again. Aoi kinda got the impression that I said something along that line, so he said no matter how many times I drop it, he’ll bring me a new one. I thought to myself, no way that’s gonna happen because it was embarrassing enough! >///////////////<

I had the Anna Maria Afternoon Tea set and the tea recommended by Aoi (I forgot the name too since there were too many to choose from ), whilst Kurako and Dewmelen had the lunch set. It was kinda silly when it came and I realised I would have to ring the bell 2 extra time because of it has 3 decker! orz Also, I started from the top one which they thought was weird because apparently people have from the bottom first? orz But the dessert did look better than the main. >3<

Most customers were either there alone or partner with a friend, but no trio group. We kept giggling throughout the whole time – I think we’re abit loud too – given the location/atmosphere. Dewmelen was staring at Butler the whole time. She didn’t like it how the butlers don’t talk to us much (probably because we don’t talk Japanese - even though Kurako is skilled!). lol I focused on eating mostly because I didn’t dare to look around and was embarrassed from the dropping of the napkin incident. (Glad I didn't drop any cutlery! ) As for Kurako, I dunno what she was doing but she did seem to enjoy ringing the bell alot. XD

Thankfully I didn’t needed to ring that bell more than once since a Kyouya (Reference to Ouran Host Club lol) lookalike (mainly because he wears glasses) who was very attentive, notice that I finished the first deck and needs to get the second deck that I pointed to. lol At one point, I was forced to ring that bell, but I did it so quietly no body heard. =3= So Kurako shook my hand with the bell (And it was loud ringing - at least to my ears) and then Aoi came to assist me with the third deck and some tea. By the end of the meal, I felt that it was as though I was disable! XD

After we finished our meal, we all headed to the washroom before heading off. We were lead by a Shounen... since he was shorter than the other butlers. XD We received a membership form/card which all of us filled in and later realised that you can’t submit it until our next visit to the café. orz We were also given a promotional DVD which Aoi participated in with a PV and introduction to the Butler Cafe.

I can’t imagine what dinner would be like (If we had confirmed in the first place), but would definitely go back again to see what happens the more you go there.

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Re: Ayuvi

I never saw a queue...? XD (Although most of the tables were filled inside) It was pretty much make a booking and then go? Since sometimes they don't have free time - not sure if you can see in the small photo but on the day that we went, the blue time are free/vacant time for those who haven't booked. Maybe they had an event on the day you went?

I don't think I would be ever brave enough to go in alone! >/////< But interestingly, most of the customer there went there alone (There was one reading a book too =w='), if not then with a friend (one went with boyfriend!).

I'm not a picky eater so I might be bias, but I do think they do decent dessert (I think they're more known for the desserts as well). And for the price that we paid for the food and service, was far better than the amount of money we spent at Maid Cafe (Had entry fees!). *Wants to forget we ever went to it* T^T

I highly recommend going there since the quality of the butlers are quite high (well given they are pretty much celebrity like) compare to Hosts (We saw loads of them in Osaka...)!

Omg you went to Swallowtail! Last time I went passed it, there was a loooooooooong line! I'm too chicken to go in there >w< Was the food nice???


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