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50 Boyfriends in 1 App?!

It was mentioned in the PV so yeah. It pretty much sums it up, though more and more titles are coming so sooner or later it'll be 100+. =w= *Wishful thinking* But go check our their PV since it's actually quite entertaining, particularly the ending it make me LOL!

A web base Love AVG brought to you by D3Publisher, whose known for its Vitamin and Storm Lovers titles on PSP! With simple tap, the player (lol The pun! XD) could enjoy stories from various genres such as working life (Specific occupations), school life, historical, fantasy where they could meet different type of boyfriends ranges from Do S, oresama, mysterious, tsudere, devilish, pure, gentle prince, butlers and many more! You name it, they have it (in their description somewhere, though not necessary reflected in the personality – well what I think anyway :P).

I think they need to come up with a better title page for their app (because it's feel so messy X.X) so here's a bias screen capture of their website with various titles.

The prologue of each story is free without the need for scenario ticket. For specific routes’ chapters and scenes, you’ll need scenario tickets. You get 5 free scenario tickets max each time they recover (You can now use them as each one ticket recovers!), but the more you use the free scenario ticket, the longer the waiting time for the free tickets. =w= But of course you could fast track the waiting process by paying for Jewels (Which defeats the purpose of having a free game)!

Exciting titles (A-Z) include
* Celeb no Koi, Yuuwaku no Perfume
* Delivery Host CLUB JEWEL (Pending)
* Gyakuten Yoshiwara (Because I'm bias )
* Himitsu no Kemonodanshi Hatsu chu
* Ikanai kototte Nandesuka?
* Ikemen Chef no Koi Receipe Kimi wo Flambé
* Oujisama to Cinderella Story
* Sengoku Koihime
* Shinsengumi Amazing (Pending)
* Shitsuji no Prince Sama
* Stalking Love Ryakudatsu Renkakumei

* Enter invitation code in upon registration and you’ll receive 15 scenario ticket! (Here's a few of my codes (EDIT 29/07/13): 6mblctge, 9kbrd3og, my12ksc3.) There's only a limit up to 10 invitation code that could earn you gifts so make it worth!
* Please feel free to add me as a friend there by searching for "Nabari" or "なばり"! There’s a maximum number of 10 friends (for new users on level 1) but I know I won’t reach that quota (19 spaces left because I made 2 accounts and have finished some routes!).
* Read (You don't really have to read it but just tap and close) the Guide to get scenario tickets and Kyun points!
* Talk to friends or share your thoughts with your friends to earn 50 Kyun (Game currency) everyday!
* Collect avatar items through Gacha to decorate your avatar, your boyfriend and your room!
* Focus on 1 route because they do get quite lengthy when playing it free. =w=
* As you complete routes, you level up with the ability to hold more scenario tickets and friends. E.g. Level 1 is 5 tickets & 10 friends max. Level 2 is 6 tickets & 11 friends max.
* Pick up the hearts (daily) under your boyfriend avatar to increase your relationship with him. You get items for your improved relationship with them. 1 free boyfriend avatar per account, so make it worth!

Limited time only
* Daily check in to redeem Kyun/gift
* Free chapter 1 of Edward from Oujisama to Cinderella Story
* Free chapter 1 to all routes from Gyakuten Yoshiwara
* 1 free Onikuji from Gyakuten Yoshiwara! Test your luck to obtain additional scenario (The sweetness depends on your luck )!

Apart from my slow running Wifi, I didn’t like it how it shows the title again in each scene (Though I wonder if that’s what causing the slow loading of the scene since it’s another picture). It was a pity how you can’t re-read the stories – normal apps you could even skip through the story that you have read, though that probably means your iPhone would require more and more storing capacity. The only way you could re-read them is to use the blue scenario ticket, so be wise when you use them, particularly the most import parts that makes you go Doki Doki!

The quality of the stories doesn’t seems to be balanced...? XD There are only few that I actually taken a liking into. Probably due to the illustrations and character design? My favourite story by far is Gyakuten Yoshiwara. I’m trying to be good and finish one story (Going for Takao route) before heading to others, and when I know it I went to do another route (Tokiwa, and now completed orz) in Gyakuten Yoshiwara. lol I might do a separate post when I finish all the routes in there... :P (There's 4 cg + 1 hidden per route!) I have a feeling Gyakuten Yoshiwara would make it big because of its story and beautifully designed characters (Though I must say Kagura heavily resembles Hijikata in Kazama's clothing from Hakuouki... my least favourite route so far ). Further, each route is due to have its 1 chapter comic! Lets hope they start throwing in some seiyuu and I'll be happy...!

But nonetheless, this app is definitely worth keeping (and keeping it updated) because it’ll saves you time to find the new games (which I always do)!

Official site

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