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So apart from hibernating and cleaning up the messy at my home throughout the week, I'm finally back and blogging! YAY Backlog of some otome games to go through!

A free app brought to you by SEEC Inc, known for their translated game titles Mote Mote Love and Shinsen Renki (I played them already but never got around to write one up for them - not that they're bad or anything but more so people have written about them already!).

The catchy music by seems to be one of their selling point as Sano Noburoshi (aka Sano Denji) is known works include for Ridge Race and Tekken series and Raito whose known for Melty Blood, Under Night in Birth and Anime Haitai Nanafuu.

SEEC Bitter Sweet

Nana (Name changeable) is a first year student from the normal division at Private Licorne Gakuen where many famous celebrity graduated. The school made it so that student from the special division are to work with and share the same room as their partner. To graduate, their aim is to make the 1000 students into their fans!!

Yoshino Giichiro - 2nd year Music focus
Shinonome Haruka - 3rd year Model focus
Iryu Akira - 1st year Idol focus

* Daily lessons to increase your skills in your expression/singing/rhythm! There are special lessons which appears at a certain time to fast track particular status.
* Every in game Saturday you would randomly versus other player's avatar. If you win you will get avatar item (You get one from losing too but not as good.), more fans and higher intimacy points with your partner.
* Every in game Sunday your partner would interact with you - but it's so fewer sentences it really meant literally nothing. XD
* Quests/Gacha to help you get avatar items!
* For a limited time only, you get to skip lesson (meaning you don't need to use any HP and you could fast track the story )! lol Interesting you don't lose energy from skipping, nor do you gain any from this suppose to be "resting" period like in other simulation games. XD

Utapri anyone...? XD As I was playing it I couldn't help but think Utapri story. Although saying that, characters illustration in this game by Morida Keiichiro (I think he does a few other mobile game illust/design) are more normal looking compare to vivid coloured hair characters in Utapri. It's interesting how they make the height of the characters correspond to their age/grade.

The lovely avatars which you could customise reminds me of TinierMe. ;3; Probably one of the main reason (Well, the catchy music which reminds me of Persona 3 plus the weekly status and continent ranking also kept me going abit) why I'm continuing the game even given the lack of interaction with the main/other routes. I need to be tempted by other routes to quickly finish the current route to play their routes. lol But seriously, you can never decide if this is the perfect route because you don't know much about them from the very beginning!

As your intimacy with your partner reaches 100+ you proceed further with the story, and ends one cycle/chapter. For a free app, the waiting time 3 minutes per 1/10HP (Default) is fairly generous (Though probably I'm saying this because I'm comparing it to Smartphone Kareshi) of 4 hours per 1 scenario ticket. You also get a free sketch - when I say sketch it's really just a sketch without define lines and colouring orz - after every cycle which you could revisit, the actual CG is not stored so you might want to screen capture it before it goes away. Though I shouldn't complain since it IS a free app of decent quality.

I'm slowly going through Haruka's route now... I did have a thought of going for Akira at first but he seems to be too wagamama and too loud for my liking when I first play it at night. But of course, these unique personality comes with a bigger story which you would need to find out (Base on the theme that everyone has two face - where you find out their bitter & sweet story). Although it was said that Haruka looks metro, I wasn't expecting *spoiler alert* crossdress modelling *spoiler alert*!!! Hopefully at the end of Haruka's route I could play Akira's - because I don't see any switch character button!

P.S. It was announced that they're in the process of translating the game to English so English users, stay tune! Meanwhile, I'll continue the Japanese version. I think it's unlikely for me to restart from the English version since it would be too time consuming. orz

=== EDIT 30/05/2013 ===
After you have reach 1000 fans (Normally end of the year in the game), you could choose another route to play! Further, you will earn a coloured CG! YAY! It’s interesting to see how all the ending CGs doesn’t show up during the ending. Going for Akira’s route now! :D

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