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Let's start texting!

Didn't have the luck to get Shin Megami Tensei (Aka SMT), SMT2 and SMTif... on iPhone (Probably regent restricted! ARGH *Is a Atlus fan*), but managed to find Mousou Kareshi Mail (Oyasumi Call: 7-Hiai Kareshi was similar but instead of text you get voiced call) brought to you by Index Corporation! YAY On a side note, SMT4 is due to be released on 3DS on 23/05/2013!!!

The concept of the app is receiving text from your boyfriend that makes you go kyun~ targeted at single girls. :P

Mousou kareshi
lol I'm not bothered to label who is who and I think their face actually tells you exactly the type of person they are. XD

Tanino Hibiki - Reliable older brother type
Ogata Sei - Spoiled University student
Hironaka Naoki - Stable man
Komori Hideto - Cheerful Cafe Waiter
Igarashi Shin - Charismatic president of a company

As you respond, the more heart you get tot fill up the status with your boyfriend (I've decided to skip the word imaginary out of the whole post XD). I like how this one actually give you the option to choose your response to your boyfriend! Their facial expression on the top of their page also changes the more it accumulate and finally you get to unlock their story with a full heart meter! The story includes how you both meet, what happened and what he thought at that moment.

As bad as the app may sound (for normal people who are already dating), you get to cheat on this boyfriend too (They have a different BGM and background colour so you don't get confused - handy right?! XD)! There is also a story button so I'm not sure if you get to see the story of how you cheated... or just their normal story of how you meet because I still haven't managed to increase the heart meter for the cheating boyfriend. lol

Somehow I think all these characters are interrelated (Just like Soine Kareshi illustrations). I think I saw Igarashi in the background in the photo that Ogata texted? Though not sure if it means that one day you would be busted for cheating since there is a reassuring system message that your boyfriend would never find out. lol The cheating boyfriend function reminds me of Dousei Kareshi! So probably some expectation that the actual game for Dousei Kareshi would be something similar...?

Apart from the app being stuffy (Not sure if it's because I've been playing games on iPad nowdays), I still managed to play it from time to time. Though I'm not responding to the boyfriend on a timely basis. orz Because it's like a texting system, what ever you haven't responded they would send it through again as if you haven't received them before makes it abit weird. Down side of it, is that it does get abit boring. But the beautiful illustration makes up for it!

Last but not least, happy texting!

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Re: Markie

Thanks for dropping by and for the comment Markie! :D It's always good to know how people stumble across my blog (Because I only get few visitors at a time lol)!

I do enjoy this app as well! <3 I was aiming to collect all the CGs and stories but the bug in the app stopped me from achieving that. I had been struggling to open the app whenever I wanted, plus the CGs that I got doesn't appear anymore after the story unlocks. But you should be able to get into the app at least once per day.

The way I go around it is I note that if I don't respond to the boyfriend's text (Once the meter is maxed) or not change boyfriend or not change the cheating boyfriend, it doesn't crash as much! I also note that the cheating boyfriend heart meter going up recently! (Slow but there's abit there! <3) Though I'm saying to do this is because I already maxed the boyfriend's heart meter.

I read on another user's review that they also experience the same problem so I think it's common, but it'll be interesting to know if it's all because of specific type of phones only? I hope they do update and fixes the bug soon!

And yes, I'll continue (Although slowly) to spread the love of great otome apps ! <3

Thanks for this blog!!

Wow!! I love your blog, I'm gonna follow itv-238
I found it 'cause I did a search for this game, which I just found the other day. It's so fun!!
However, my roommate and I have the same problem... we got to Day 3, but the app won't load up anymore!! It just goes to a black screen and closes...
Did you have this problem...?
Anyway, can't wait to learn about more fun apps from youv-221


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