[iPhone] Ryuusei Halation ~Memories of Anima~

So I heard you like Kemo-mimi!

A Sci-Fi Kemo-mimi love adventure game brought to you by Dice Creative x TsukubaLab! It’s actually an old app for Android... but only released on iPhone this year and it's completely FREE (I think for the Android version you have to pay?)!

There is also the side story app called Ryuusei Halation ~Secrets of Dearest~, however it doesn't seem like they released it on iPhone. =3= Though we should never give up hoping since they DID release this app onto iPhone after 2 years (Abit of a long wait but still worth it!).
Ryuusei Halation

On a starry night during summer time, high school 2nd year student, Amano Misora (Name changeable) saw a shooting star with classmate Satsuki Subaru. That night Misora met a UMA which appears in the form of a black cat called Nyagomaru, who asked Misora to help retrieve Anima Stone which causes human to grow animal ears and tails. The next day, discovered that your classmates and your teacher seems to have possess this characteristics.

In searching for the way to return to normal, Misora is attacked because of her pendant from her grandma and they discovered a bigger secret behind the reason for their transformation...

Satsuki Subaru (CV: Kijima Ryuuichi) - 2nd year student, classmate of Misora
Mabel Asahi (CV: Ichiki Mitsuhiro) - 2nd year Transfer student who is a mix (Half Turkish and half Japanese)
Nishinohara Seiji (CV: Igarashi Hiromi) - 1st year student, son of a doctor
Yukichi Ginnosuke (CV: Shingaki Tarusuke) - New Biology teacher
Watari Keito (CV: Yamaguchi Shouhei) - 3rd year student

Sub Characters
Nyagomaru (CV: Matsu zakiRei) - Cat Spirit
Cassiopeia (CV: Tanaka Kumi) - Goddess
Usami Chika & Usami Chiko (CV: Akutsu Kana) - Twins, friends of Misora

Without giving spoilers that's all I'm gonna write for the characters above. Well, there isn't really much secret to it particularly when you could tell straight away from the hair colour who the masked character was. orz (Which reminds me of Sailor Moon before and after transform... you'll definitely still be able to tell they're the same person due to the unique hairstyle and basically no change in the facial features - this must be the magic of Anime? ) I really like it how they seem to develop more of a heroine character than most mobile otome games do nowdays. I was glad she have eyes and feelings are shown with the corresponding routes!

One of their features was fast track skip, though it involves the player to continuously tab onto the next button. orz I tried to do it so I could attempt to get other routes but it is quite tiring. And it seems like they only allow the teacher’s route to be free (Or simply because Teachers are easy target or lack of popularity that they made only his route free)? The choices seems to be limited (only 2 options), so I'm not sure if that means restricted the routes. Though saying that, if I can't see any pay button it means that one day I can still eventually unlock the routes!? *is pretty occupied with the SmaKare app*

With 15 chapters plus a hidden epilogue happy ending, this app gives you 7 CGs per character design and illustrated by Miyamoto Arui, which you could revisit in the Event/Illust Album! More over, there's a Voice album where you can revisit (with internet connection) over 2746 lines from various characters in some part of the events are part voiced! For such relatively long length story this free high quality game is definitely a keeper.

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