[iPhone] Teiden Musukora

Raise your own Pet Seiyuu Teiden baby!

From the Drama CD series Teiden Shoujo to Hanemushi no Orchestra (Teiden for short) by Ninomiya Ai (Original Scenario/story), whose known for the popular works such as Are you Alice? and Tiny x Machine Gun (Notice how all of them have SAKURAI as the main seiyuu!? XD Explains why I’m a fan of all the series! )

With catchy music by Zizz Studio, original character Design by Tagura Touru and redesign by Teracco, IM brings you a cute app where you could take care of the characters from Teiden in their baby form! (Similar to that of Tamagochi or Kawaii Pet MEGU)
Teiden Musukora

Closely related with the original story, Nemu found an abandoned baby Haibane (in this case Hitsugi and Tachibana as well). Instead of Nemu, who is a Hotaru being hunted for money in the original, the babies are being attacked by the evil characters.

Haibane (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)
Hitsugi (CV: Terashima Takuma)
Tachibana (CV: Shimono Hiro)

Support Characters
Nemu (CV: Takeuchi Junko)
Shikkoku (CV:Hirata Hiroaki)

I had been wanting to play this since I was in Japan when I saw the flyer. lol I waited until I had Haibane for 50 days in a row before I post this because I want to show what that Kokoro no Senrigan System () looks like! (Only after 50 days could you get the Kokoro no Senrigan System from Shikkoku!)

Teiden Musukora - kokoro
Basically it tells you what the baby is thinking, but this is only available when you're in the Dakko (Cuddle) function.

With fully voiced and emotion icons to tell you what the baby is feeling... I was slight confused about the baby's cry... whether they belong to the seiyuu themselves or...? O.o The thought of it is kinda funny. Luckily with the Kokoro no Senrigan System you could overcome that funny thought.

There is only one mini game in the game where you need to protect the baby from the evil characters simply by tapping the characters in number order. There are three different levels to choose from and play up to three times a day to obtain Netto (game currency) after clearing the stage, bonus if you have chain (if you have good timing). The harder option involves longer duration by eliminating 100 evil characters. Each baby have their own evil enemy, though I wish they made it so that different evil character for different level and probably different speed as well.

It was abit disappointing that I can't have more than one baby have a time. orz Though you still get access to the other characters' voice by the Gentama (Unsure how to correctly pronounce it ) that you could earn in the lottery system and play back is available. Only the fortune telling function requires 1000 Netto at a time. There's also a promotional track to promote their drama CD from each character!

Without the hunger level bar like in most pet rising systems, I find it hard to think if I have feed them enough or too much.

Teiden Musukora - food
I couldn't resist not collating all the food together! XD Check out all the yummy food! Hopefully I have all the food there is... maybe just missing one.

It's also a funny thought that you have to clean up after them by picking up netto after they have relive themselves. lol Now without much more events to look forward to (after the 50 days) I suppose it's easily to be dropped like most pet rising game. Though I do hope to unlock the additional track which seems to require netto, but I think I've accumulated more than enough netto.

I always like to think Nemu and Haibane is a pair... if it was an otome game. :P Even though the age doesn't really reflect but the whole bond between the two...! *fangirls*

Until their next app update, enjoy the cute Teidan characters in baby forms~

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