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I have taken a interest in MoteMote Love Story for Girls by SEEC Inc (aka Think Pink on facebook!) prior to my trip to Japan because of the beautiful illustration (which slightly - only slightly - reminded me of Yunomi *Is a fan*), but I didn’t have a chance to play it due to limited Wifi access whilst in Japan.

Subsequently I found their released game Shinsen Renki (just a few days prior to the company approached english otome bloggers). The thought of helping them promote the games did come across my mind but I never got around to post it. Here’s my short take on them (obviously trimmed now).

I’ll try to keep this post short since THEY ARE IN ENGLISH already! XD But feel free to look out for their latest game Bitter & Sweet which I blogged earlier last month.
MoteMote Love Story for Girl
mote mote

One day, heroine's childhood friend and her class president suddenly confess their love to her. To add to the problem, along came a new transferred student who claim to have fallen with her love at first sight!

Yusuke Saito - Courteous and considerate class president.
Santa Hanagata - Best friend and leading player in the Basketball club.
Sho Shimakage - Transferred student from the US

After completing each episode, you’ll receive Love Message from the character route that you’re playing. Upon completion you get 1 CG and additional 4-koma manga per route!

I actually enjoyed this one more than their latter one (Shinsen Renki), despite the extremely short storyline and the lack of time for characters romantic developments. lol It was kinda funny seeing the name Santa along with the translated script. I could not help but kept thinking about Santa Claus...

Official Site

Shinsen Renki

You were sent to act as the Deputy commander of the Shinsengumi on behalf of your father Isami Kondo, who got hurt while he was on duty and needs to rest at home. Now you must patrol the town and protect the peacefulness of Edo...!

Soji Okita - 1st Captain
Shinpachi Nagakura - 2nd Captain
Hajime Saito - 3rd Captain
Heisuke Toudo - 8th Captain
Kashitaro Ito - Staff Officer

The Prologue and first chapter (10 chapters in total) of each guys' route is free. 6 CGs per route. Kashitaro Ito route is only avaliable after completing the first 4 characters' routes (Otome games always makes secret characters hard to get XD).

Initially I thought it would be similar to that of Hakuoki, but don’t be deceived based on the story line and names! The characters have basically different personality and looks to what they tend to be. =w=’ To be honest I thought Okita looks like a Hijikata/Saito, Shinpachi looks like a Heisuke, Saito looks like a Okita (Okita always have this smiling looks *shot*), Heisuke looks like... too old to be a Heisuke?! I don't even know anymore. Though saying this is because I'm Hakuouki (KAZAMA) bias! orz Lesson learn, it is important to look at the game as a new game without stereotyping. Though I'm surprised that they actually don't have Hijikata as a playable route, like in any manga/game story! Though I wish him would make them look younger...

The timeframe is actually somewhat similar to that of Gintama, where you get abit of modern devices (Television and mobile phone texting) in the ancient Edo. The idea of patrolling the town with a wooden sword is kinda funny *Recalls Sanji's cigarette was replaced with Chupa Chups from One Piece* (Looks like we have some PG theme going on here).

Overall, despite the few grammatical errors (At least they make the effort to translate it into English!), it is interesting to see that more quality otome games being released in English! Shouldn’t complain, although if they put in additional BGM or SFX would make it even better (*remembering Voltage Inc games, which is why they've become many mobile otome gamers' favourite company*)...

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