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I have been playing this NDS game called Ore ga Omae wo Mamoru while my internet was down for the 2 weeks. I have had this game for quite a while because I was in love with the drawing of this character called Ren. (Now why does all characters whose name is Ren is so Smexy? <3 ) Apart from that because the title makes me think of an Otome game... XD

I finally started it when I finished playing the Penguin Club on NDS. Yes, I have the game because I got the game for free. But to be honest it wasn't a bad game at all. Though I won't buy the game as it will be short lived, but you could go online and obtain new missions and clothing line so that kinda makes up for it? XD Anyway, back to this NDS...
This game is similar to Zelda and the hourglass... you don't get a lot of save points, so if you die, you lost the things you have just done. orz So the first day when I was playing it, the frustration!!! ARGHHHH I think I wasted around 4 hours of game play not recorded... just getting killed for being greedy. orz

Some thoughts so far...

* The game is kinda repetitive... since you only have 1 huge dungeon to explore, plus, you don't get to walk around the town. Not only that but there's only 2 shops?!

* You don't get to level up by killing, but by finding treasure boxes to upgrade your status! Why are RPGs turning non RPG like now...?

* Most of the time you're really just gathering materials to mix and form new items! Even as the time goes on throughout the game, you don't get new items in the shop.

* Most of the quests can be completed by defeating monsters near the save points!? Now isn't that convenient? O.O

* Why out of the whole game there's only the princess that is loved by all. D: Peronsally, I prefer the girl in the guild! ^^;

* I wonder if there's a gallery review at completion...

The way to approach this game:

* Initially, try to complete all quest to get a large sum of money to get good weapons. Little swords are okay in the beginning, but you would want to revert to medium swords after you have more money to get a sword with higher speed - because speed is everything in this game!

* Find all treasure boxes to gain skills. Make sure you equip the skills!

* To save money, more fighting around the save points, and less fighting when you're far from save points.

* Always use power boost in boss battle. There's a major boss, and a side boss which is normally a dragon with different elemental power.

* When you're about to die, use the return to town item to avoid effort wasted! orz

* Don't sell all your materials collected. You don't earn much from them, but you earn a lot more in quests. And to ensure the game is complete, you need to have a lot of different materials. You also need them to create more powerful weapons!

* Make sure you write down a list of things you could get off little bushes/trees/rocks - it makes it a lot easier to gather required materials!

* The best weapon comes from refining the strong weapons! And to do this you need the required materials too, not just money. orz

I'm currently stuck... with the lack of materials to create big explosive to defeat the 2nd major boss... D:

I think I'll be completing this game slowly now...

Official Site: 俺がオマエを守る

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Ore ga Omae wo mamoru

> I played this game. No offence, but it didn't suit my taste lol. Though I do like Ren!

Yeah I know what you mean~ The game was so slow that there was a lot of suspense moment where I think I won't make it for the bosses. XD I initially play this game for the great artist Kazuki Yone! <3 Ren was probably the best character out of the game. XD (Not that there's a lot to begin with)

Though it was interesting to see Otomate release a rpg-like game~

No title

I played this game. No offence, but it didn't suit my taste lol. Though I do like Ren!

Re: game hacker

Hi Haven,

Thanks for dropping by! :D If you have approached me 4 months ago, I would be able to help without hesitation since I was still addicted then. Unfortunately I lost my copy of the game, hence I have no further update on my status of the game. ; A ; Moreover, I'm not 100% fluent in Japanese so I don't have much confidence in translating (Not to mention that my English is poor too orz).

On a side note, I checked out the website and notice you guys done a great job with the screen dumps with the English on it. They look so professional! I think it's a great idea for it to be translated and I would love to know how the ending goes since I won't be able to play it anymore. XD

All the best for the project!




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