[Magazine] Dengeki Girl’s Style June 2013 & Artbooks

Picture spamming!

It’s been a while since I last posted update on magazines *Is lazy with taking pictures*.

Just a quick post on my loot from a few weeks ago from Kinokuniya so only gonna post things that interest me because I note that other otome blogger have posted some pictures of this issue already.

Here's my lazy post for the day! (Image heavy with bad phone quality photos)

Dengeki Girls Style Jun13
My recent loot from Kinokuniya.

Otome Yokai Zakuro Artbook
Did I ever mentioned that I’m a fan of Hoshino Lily since Otome Yokai Zakuro (Her first non BL manga that I know of. She also did the character design for Mawaru Penguindrum! ). I was gonna cosplay as Zakuro (But dropped the idea after having bought the fabrics and the official release the cosplay costume of it online orz), all for the sake of my love for Kemo-mimi and Military uniforms, and probably slight Sakurai and Kaji bias after the anime was released. :P

Otome Youkai Zakuro DVD insert
Here’s a picture of the ball gown version of the group (including the evil side which is never seen before in the anime!). I only took a picture from the back because the picture spread across the 2 pages and I didn’t want to cut Agemaki off (he’s unfortunately near the binding orz). That aside, most pictures inside the artbook have been seen on the DVD covers and inserts. Nonetheless, the artworks are stunningly beautiful and definitely worthwhile keeping.

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Official Visual Book
I knew that this is a must buy when I saw Tsubaki on it! To be honest I was slight disappointed because there’s nothing really NEW to it (Seen too much of the illustration beforehand already - that or I'm just too addicted orz)... I was expecting more sketches. =3= Plus I wasn't expecting merchandise overview in it (Preparing us for the Anime in Summer as expected), that's when I realised I missed the Drama CD and the special book which features Tsubaki.

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink CG1
Their younger selves looks plain... but cute! Note how Masaomi looks like that guy from Persona 4... *shivers*

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink CG2
I love how they concluded the book with hidden route Juri’s (?) Hand! Somewhat reminds me of Cecil from Utapri... I knew Juri was gonna turn into human (playable route) one day! There's also a short ad for Brilliant Blue visual book, though not sure if I'll get it... orz

Dengeki Girls Style June 2013
Booklet about Hakuouki SSL! They’ve added additional characters in from Reimeiroku! Poor Ryunosuke if you look at his profile about being poor. And lol Kazama wears the white uniform all year round regardless of the weather (Otomate probably too lazy to design a summer uniform for him that’s why =w=) – though I recall seeing part 2 of the SSL video (parody prior to actual game release) of him in the body check, pretty much was stopped from stripping... lol

kamiasobi cg1
kamiasobi cg2
Finally! Some new illustration by Kazuki Yone! Could totally imagine them turning into Drama CD covers soon. =w=;

kamiasobi cg3
This one totally reminds me of Starry Sky... but I like!

Diabolik Lovers 1

Diabolik Lovers 2
The new fashion for the Sakamaki brothers is simply a swap between those who didn't wear a jacket casually, to wear one.

On to the anime sections, while I was sobbing about the face that Devil Surviour 2 have anime (with Sakurai however lol) instead of Persona 3, but P3 will have a movie adaptation (#1 Spring of Birth - I suppose they're going to make a few movies out of it )! Here’s something to look forward to from Atlus!

Whilst on Anime topic, I highly recommend Hataraku Maou Sama! for those who loves comedy genre anime! I love how the characters in there are so stupid in some aspects – even the Yuusha is suppose to be the most sane one is sometime quite insane. lol

lol I'm posting Free because it has to be done. XD Check out a fan made Free dating game by FifthDimensional with a great sense of humour! Learn the characters' personality (Though incorrectly) before the anime comes out!

Tiny x machine gun comic
Tiny x Machine Gun PC game have been released just a few days ago! (YAY) This page caught my eyes and I was glad this happened.

Hakuouki SSL Mikasa
Comic by Mikasa from Daruma-Ya – whose fairly famous for her Hakuouki chibi doujinshi (Bought some from Winter Comiket )! So I was thrilled to see her work being publish on this issue!

Whilst on the topic of comic... the latest monthly issue of Dessert caught my eyes as Tonari no Kaibutsukun reaches the second last chapter where the pace accelerated in preparation of the final chapter! Arghhh That part where Yamaken kept Shizuku’s pacer which she left behind after their extension class really got me – even though he said he’s given up on her yet he still does that. Why are you so TSUDERE YAMAKEN?! XD Further when Shizuku was all dolled up by Natsume, Yamaken spilling his drink! Damn I wish I know what Suzuku said to Yamaken in front of the everyone at her birthday party when obviously Yamaken was being teased. This Haru-free (well almost, only until the very end) chapter got me... *sob for Yamaken*


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Nice ! i wanted to post some pics of some of my artbooks, to add to your article.
Would have been nice , i thought.
But I can't see how to add pictures.
cool post anyways


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