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Sakurai Overload!

This July 13 issue of B’z Log magazine that Hehalana help me bought over 4 weekends ago (Yes I’m lazy to blog and now I got in my hands Dengeki Girl Style July too orz) at Kinokuniya just screams Sakurai Takahiro every page (Well I maybe exaggerating )! XD So I just had to post this post (well after our close to finished secret art project for Smash! Convention to come in August)...!

I realised what’s dragging me behind in blogging (I actually typed this up few weeks ago orz)! Pictures! ARGH so I’ve refine the selection of pages!

On to the SAKURAI spam (without much reason – just for the love for Sakurai )!
B’z Log

Bzlog July13 cover
Freebie drama cd on Seishun Hajimemashita, Hana Awase booklet and Utapri Notebook!

Taisho Kyuuketsu Ibun currently only up to Night 2... (View my post on the list of character from each dram) Sakurai won't be on until much later (Fourth Night)~ orz

Bzlog July13 Seishun
Seishun Hajimemashita! Character profile on Rihito Atsumi with Sakurai for character voice!

Bzlog July13 More Blood Ruki
Diabolik Lovers more blood with Ruki in casual outfit and an interview with Sakurai regarding his use of dummy head for the first time! I’d say we’ll be looking forward to more from him in the near future?!

Amnesia Crowd Character CD series with song x drama x voice~ Shin & Toma first up, following Ikki & Kent and Orion & Ukyo.

Hakuouki never dies, Otomate keeps it alive somehow, where it is SSL, Ura or movie... Did I say movie!? Yes! And it's chapter 1 too! Sounds to me another money grabbing scheme... BUT we buy it. orz

Bzlog Jul13 Kamiasobi
I was right about Kami Asobi's picture for CD covers! (See my previous post Dengeki Girl's Style June 13)

Snow Bond Land~ I'm not particularly interested in it and it’s too cold for this weather (I get a chill everytime I looked at it at night every now and then). Probably when it's summer.

Bzlog Jul13 Ace
Alice in the Country of Diamond! But I'm more excited about the remake of the Alice in the Country of Hearts on to the PSP console... and Ace!

Romeo vs Juliet! Not a fan of Quinrose... (Alice series is the only one that caught my attention mainly) their stiff shoulders are putting me off abit... even with Sakurai as Romeo is in it I need to reconsider! Juliet's look as a sister isn't so holy with that high split...

School Wars' pictures seems to be getting better, although simple character design. And Sakurai is in it (Main point of this post XD).

Bzlog Jul13 Ozmafia
Oz Mafia!! is on sale on 28/06/13! I still need to try the trial version of the game on PC which they released sometime ago! orz

Bzlog Jul13 Rakuen
Rakuen Danshi (Original manga by Doumoto Nao) is getting game adaptation~ I must admit the manga version of the drawing looks better. And... that tennis jacket looks strikingly familiar to that of Prince of Tennis... wait I mean, is that FUJI I see!? Probably running low on original otome game scenarios that they decided to head onto change manga to games.

Bzlog Jul13 Kurokin
Kurokin (Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi)'s mobile app update with extra for each routes on top of the original prologue - did I mention I it had anime adaptation (Ikuto route focus 2 episodes anime) and now for Trick or Alice? (First appearance in Kurokin as a poster) too? Also I think there's a print error for the Dandy Shot page which is next to Kurokin's page. I didn't want to upload it, but it says it's for all ages, whilst Kurokin says 17+... it was obvious that the preview pictures on Dandy Shot were mostly of nake Ojisan and main. orz

New drama CD series called HumAndroid with Kirishima Sou's lovely art. Although not as appealing as her Dousei Kareshi and Mousou Esthe drama CD covers.

Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino! Again, Sakurai is in it as Akiyoshi Tochika. XD

Shirokuma Cafe... I didn't know Sakurai is in it until now. Also... a bear with a group of animals? I might give it a go...?

Hana Saku mani mani character designed by Rejuice with Sakurai as pretty boy Haku! It was interesting to see Junko (My favourite female seiyuu ) in it too!

Dengeki Girl's style
GirlsStyle Jul13 cover
Another July 13 issue of otome game related magazine... Not as exciting since this issue had very similar information as Bz log. As usual, but with less quality freebie – I was shocked to see how thin and small the Utapri bag was when it came out from the massive box, talk about packaging!

Another Vampire related drama series announced called Kyuuketsu Darling, Sweet Propse from Vampire. Abit late on the vampire trend I guess (Diabolik Lovers' like one of the first)!

Mikasa (from Daruma-ya) continues to draw her Chibi SSL manga for Dengeki Girl's Style.

GirlsStyle Jul13 Photograph
Girl’s Style x honey bee new collab - Photograph Journey! With reuse of Starry Sky uniform on a unknown character, this I don’t even. orz Of all routes, I think the supporter of love from England seems pretty cute...

GirlsStyle Jul13 Heavens
Utapri (Uta no Prince Sama) anime season 2 – introducing HE☆VENS, rival team against ST☆RISH! Which seems to make the anime more worthwhile watching. XDDD I like the Oresama~ somewhat reminds me of Atobe from Prince of Tennis but had the Tezuka looks. XD And he's voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru!

GirlsStyle Jul13 Toki1
GirlsStyle Jul13 Toki2
Toki no Kitsuna in chibis form!

GirlsStyle Jul13 Brothers Conflict Chibi
More chibis from TV anime to air on 02/07/2013! Also season 2 of Brothers Conflict novel with Inori looking more like... Tsubaki! Suppose they're really brothers. lol

GirlsStyle Jul13 Jewelic Nightmare
Jewelic Nightmare introducing a new character Machura~ I'm probably only interested in the character design for Sumeragi and this new one.

GirlsStyle Jul13 Arcana 1
GirlsStyle Jul13 Arcana 2
Arcana Famiglia 2 - Looks like they almost permanently replaced Nova with Ash. I missed the old Nova.

GirlsStyle Jul13 Dot Kareshi
Dot Kareshi with Tomokazu Sugita as Kagerou from Inu x Boku SS! Surely I can't be the only one seeing this long lost sibling of Kagerou! orz

GirlsStyle Jul13 Pia
Pia Carrot! for girls... nothing much, but just using the famous cafe game name just like they did with Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side.

Other updates
Also anime announcement for Jyuzaengi (Juuzaengi Engetsu Sangokuden)! and its new game 2 playable route Shokatsu Ryou voiced by Sakurai Takahiro! YAY Plus, new Ninja theme otome game called Shinobi Koi Utsutsu with character designed by the artist that did Nise no Chigiri and Genroh (though game due in 2014, but their drama CDs are going to be released first)!

Unfortunately I didn’t screen capture the pictures when I first saw the trailer leak (Probably by mistake and they hide the video now but I saw Sakurai – blue hair cool type ninja - and Toriumi Kousuke will be in it!), more information to be released on the September 13 issue of B’z log.

I was told that I was dreaming it because I slept late that night (and my addiction to Sakurai :P), but I found the trailer link for those interested in looking at the character design for Shinobi Koi Utsutsu!

EDIT: Checking Otomate's website again and they've decided to put the video back on after Omate Party 2013! Felt like I have went in circles within these 4 weeks.


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