[iPhone] Flick Sheep!

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Haven't blogged about normal apps for a while now (lol I only did one on Tiny Tower and that was it), and I'm slow with apps getting onto popular apps like these!

Brought to you by Orca Inc, with cute fluffy sheep relying on the player to direct (swipe in four direction) to herding together on a sheep pen with 90 challenging puzzles (Currently there’s a total of 6 chapters with 15 stages each chapters).

Read on for pictures!
Flick Sheep

Sheep Dog
Blue Sheep
Rainbow Sheep
Black Sheep

Flick Sheep Animals


Flick Sheep obstacles


The cute colourful graphics are simple and clean, which is one thing that attracted me to play this app (And especially that rainbow sheep!). It has good thinking background music but I gotta admit that the sheepdog got abit annoying after I go crazy flicking (being stuck) as it barks every time you flick.

It gets more challenging as you advancing to the next stage with the introduction of additional animals and obstacles with special conditions. But have no fear, because there are hint function with each puzzle – only with the coins earned in game from achievements or you could simply pay for extra coins! The hint provides you the first few correct directions and suppose it’ll lead you towards the best solutions. Each 1 direction is equivalent to 1 coin, although you have no choice to choose how many extra directions you want to get as they normally comes in 2-3 coins hint. Though unlike Professor Layton’s subtle hints in the form of sentences, the hints in this app is much more straight forward.

Apart from the minimal ads at the bottom of the page and pop up screen between stages, this app is free unless of course, you want to purchase the ad free version! Regardless what you choose to do, this app is definitely worth keeping and we shall await the new stages to come!


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