[Anime] Servant x Service Episode 1-2

Daily lives of Public Servants

An anime based on the 4koma manga by Karino Takatsu, whose known for the previous work Working!!! Although I must admit I was never interested in reading Working... (Despite being told that it's a very good comedy) due to the simple character designs. Though saying that, the same can be said for the characters design in this one. Suppose the opening song gave it more action than the actually did itself in the anime, particularly all those 3D effects.

Read on for spoilers separated by characters!

Yamagami Lucy (Abbr.) (CV: Ai Kayano)
I suspect Lucy’s crazy long name (Lucy Kimiko Akie Airi Shiori Rinne Yoshiho Chihoko Ayano Tomika Chisato Sanae Mikiko etc) was registered by Hasebe’s grandfather given his carefree personality as well as how we’re told that being public servant is a career thing in his family tree for 3 generations. =w= But it looks like there will be endless trolling on Lucy by Hasebe and no revenge is possible on Lucy’s part. orz I think the trend is most likely for Lucy to ensure this doesn’t happen to another person again.

Ichimiya Taishi (CV:Sakurai Takahiro)
I kinda hoped that there’ll be some romance between him and Lucy...! XD Given Lucy is someone who’s good at what she’s doing... and he definitely need someone who could ascertain him.

Hasebe Yutaka (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
Although it may seem fun to have someone like him around the workplace (I lol’d when Ichimiya was chasing Hasebe), but to think on a serious note, I think it is very tiring to manage someone like that. Probably fun to watch when you’re not in the same department as him.

Servant x Service 1

I also kinda hoped that there will be some romance between him and Lucy... :P Though this is unlikely even though Hasebe shows that he could be reliable at odd times. XD

Miyoshi Saya (CV: Nakahara Mai)
A character who is too softly spoken for her own good, and often to be placed in awkward situations that she don’t want to be in. Although the same might not be said in episode 2 where if she really wants to, she could say an ultimate comeback line by mentioning the unrequited love for Touko’s Brothers Complex.

Chihaya Megumi (CV: Aki Toyosaki)
Her thought of cosplaying as a employee everyday... =w=’||| Should go to the official anime website and check out the anime that Chihaya watches! It's actually more fancy than all the characters in this series. lol

Ichimiya Touko (CV: Ookubo Rumi)
Introduction to the cute (Tsudere) Imouto in Episode 2! Made me lol’d seeing how Touko always have this angry mark on her face even when she was so young, and love how she still goes out with the uneven pigtails that Taishi tied for her which she was so annoyed about. I thought to myself that’s one sad little kid! XD

Servant x Service 2

There is limited background behind Taishi as the only family member in the household, but one could kinda guess. Seeing how Touko learnt about the Public Servant centre as a desperate measure to keep her brother by her side, she’s successfully “whipped” her brother Taishi into the way he is now - she’s truly admirable (as a Social Welfare Legislation Otaku and a coach).

If you’re looking for some light hearted comedy, it’s definitely worthwhile watching!

Official Anime website

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[Manga] Servant x Service Volume 1-3

So... I went ahead and caught up with the original 4koma manga. I notice the slight difference in the flow of the anime, though I must say it’s nicely wrapped together in the anime compared to the manga. Further, they have removed the focus on Lucy’s Ahoge in the anime (They probably want to keep it as a special gag for the manga itself). Anyway, on to the characters relationship spoilers! *Yes that means please don’t read ahead if you wish to watch the anime adaptation without spoilers!*

Taishi was revealed having dated for over a year with Chihaya *kept it as a secret from everyone including his sister* to my surprise! Though it’s no surprise that Taishi wasn’t the one that asked her out, but Chihaya did! Although disappointed that there’s no Taishi and Lucy romance, the romance between Hasebe and Lucy is quite cute... in the trolling way...!

I was sort of on the right track about Hasebe! He fell in love with Lucy because she’s cute/stupid (The ahoge is a major giveaway) in a strange way (most probably because she never gave him her number!). Further surprisingly he's quite the gentlemen and the jealous type...! Again, he knows how to get the things he wants by saying the right things. lol Wearing a skirt on the date or in the office is hardly a choice! And Chihaya fell into his trap with the whole idea as a stepping stone to get Lucy to cosplay! Also, Hasebe's family seems troll Lucy to the max... from his sister and to his father...! (The prey and predator relationship...?) I have to say I've been converted to Yutaka x Lucy from reading the manga!

Miyoshi may eventually end up with the grandson of Mrs Tanaka - Jyouji, a banker with a serious attitude and sees Hasebe as his arch enemy...? Though I don't think they'll develop too much of it until near the end! His role is probably just the force that get Hasebe and Lucy closer~

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Re: Aina

I don't think the series is as main stream compare to all the others in the season, so you don't have much luck in finding them online. But if you do have a local book store like Kinokuniya, you'll definitely find it in the Japanese section.

servant x service

i've been searching for the manga...can u give the website for download it... thank you..


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