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Mini Animania @ ATP

First post con report for this year (Comiket was blogged late too but it’s actually last year’s convention so that’s not counted)!

Happened around 23/03/2013, it had been abit hot and humid for a while, so we have decided to recycle our Inu x Boku SS Secret na Service Nande shi, shinaidakarane! (aka Tshirt version ) instead of doing K anime (Mind you, there were K anime Scepter4 cosplayers on the day which should be applause for their endurance of the humid weather). I held back in posting this post out because I wanted to have a full group picture before I post (For like the longest time orz), but recently found out that the group photo was not in any of my friend’s camera – very strange.

We had our Ririchiyo flying in from interstate to fill the gap but we were still missing a Kagerou. And subsequently our Oniisan and Karuta dropped out so we were down to a much smaller group. =3= To make it special and more identifiable, I have decided to make it more kuso. XD My Watanuki’s version two involves a extra leaf and a sign on the back.

Ririchiyo @ Dewmelen
Soushi @ Haruki
Nobara @ Kurako
Natsume @ Bambi
Watanuki (Human) @ Nabari
Watanuki (Demon Form) @ Bambi's Plushie

On to the pictures!

Caught up with a few cosplay friends and also made a few new friends (Chocolate and snacks makes it easier to meet people lol). Funny how few thought that my “staff pass” was actual entry pass. But I did get a free pass from having done the design for the skit badges and I was the first to get the set of badges (Because there was a lack of cosplay group in the competition)!

Mini13 Badges
Skit badges! YAY for me as I don’t need to try to win them (Not that I can win them in the first place anyway... orz).

Thought I’d share of few crack photos as usual~

Mini13 Hair Salon
Watanuki’s hair salon, look at the envy gaze from Suzaku in the background! XD

Mini13 Plush
Travelling around the venue in demon form~

Mini13 CosplayComp
Cosplay on stage~

Managed to find all the other Inu x Boku SS cosplayers outside the venue!

Mini13 TsubasaRin
Met TsubasaRin, a younger Watanuki (Judged based on the Tanuki plush) lol~ I know about her after someone mistakenly thought I was her because there's few Watanuki on the day.

Mini13 Waru
With a older Watanuki (Judged base on Height)! It’s sad but I think I have graduated from being a Waru (Cosplayed too many times and was proven I’m not Delinquent enough in contrast by Kurako)...

Mini13 Karuta
Found a long lost Twin for Watanuki Plush and a cute Karuta~

Mini13 Tammu
Too busy hanging outside and chatting with other people where I just left the camera laying around and when I got home I discover this scary picture of Tammu's eye. Tammu does the best photobombs. =w=

Mini13 Group
Group photo! Of the Yellow text bunch~

Mini13 Group Back
The group photo on the day, stolen from TsubasaRin - I'm so glad I spoke to her to be able to find a group photo from her lot.

Mini13 Band
Animania band to end the post as usual!

I think I have prep myself for some singing as ST☆RISH as I have been told I was like Shou from Utapri a few times throughout the day. lol To be honest, I wouldn’t mind about Shou (or Otoya) cosplay previously. Probably just in time to do Utapri 2000%! (J/k)

Cosplay on the Day
My favourite was YAMAKEN from Tonari no Kaibutsukun (Refer to journal on my obsession with him in the manga 5 review)! Basically squeal inside my heart when I saw Yamaken (with Suzuki and without a Haru was a bonus lol)! FAVOURITE Shipping! I was really tempted to ask for a photo together but was too shy to do so. >/////<

Mini13 Cosplay01 Mini13 Cosplay02 Mini13 Cosplay03 Mini13 Cosplay04 Mini13 Cosplay05
Mini13 Cosplay06 Mini13 Cosplay07 Mini13 Cosplay08 Mini13 Cosplay09 Mini13 Cosplay10
Mini13 Cosplay11 Mini13 Cosplay12 Mini13 Cosplay13 Mini13 Cosplay14 Mini13 Cosplay15

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