[iPhone] Symphonica Grand Maestro

Uta no Conductor Sama!
Ok I might have over used titles like these too much recently, but it is all relevant! :P

Brought to you by iNiS who is known for popular rhythm game Ouendan (aka Elite Beat agents), and published by my long time favourite JRPG company Square Enix!

And featuring character design to event CGs near the end of each chapter by Chinatsu Kurahana whose known for her more recent otome works such as Uta no Prince Sama! , but she's more known as Kana Tatana whose known for her BL works with Nitro+CHiRAL such as Togainu no Chi and Lamento Beyond the Void...
Symphonica op screen

Takt is a young aspiring conductor who just arrived to Einsatz, the city of music to fulfil the promise with his brother of becoming the world’s best conductor. Takt is in charge of the Fayharmonic orchestra at a run down hall called Magica. Accompanied by a possessed doll named Chloe and a team of young members in the orchestra, they aim to perform in King Hall at the Concerto Tower and in order to obtain the Zero Score...

Simliar to Taiko No Tatsujin by Namco, the music notes/actions run on the top of the screen while you have disturbing cute little orchestra members (Sub characters can be spotted among them) playing the relevant music instruments. Depending on the timing of your tap, there are 4 different rating which range from Bravo, Good, Ok and Miss. The little characters changes colour according to your performance - they get a blue shock when you missed, yellow shining aura (Like Super Seiyan! lol) when you’re going well, and when you have a high amount of combo they become shining pink aura! Along with your typical level up (orchestra’s fame) by experience with higher scores (Performance) you achieve, there are 7 different levels rating from D to SSS. If you get above S (to unlock pieces), you’ll be able to play the same song at a harder level in the concert mode.

I played this game initially on iPhone, but later opt to playing on iPad because of the bigger screen for me to do all the tapping (the massive line of tapping was the best! ), swiping and pinching which maximises the touch screen technology! They added in standard colours to those 9 different actions to help identify the movement that is required, making this easier to get used to the new system introduced as player conduct the orchestra through 50 famous classical pieces (20 full performances and 30 rehearsal pieces) such as Beethoven and wedding song...! Most of the pieces were known to me but I am never able to name the title of them so thank god for credits to titles! XD I also love the sound effect when you tap to make the orchestra to stop practicing/fiddling, just like a real conductor.

On the character personality and relationship side, the main story surround Takt and his brother complex! lol I can’t believe older brother Volt turned out to look like the evil character (Namely, Miles Edgeworth kinda facial expression! He must had it tough for these past 10 years ) especially when he’s so cute when he was younger (Despite wearing glasses). =w= Somehow Takt looks better in the CGs than in the game (Maybe it's just me but it looks like his side face looks better because his hair seems shorter? XD). I kinda wants to see Takt and Irina together when she made her first appearance. And no, I knew Maria’s personality was too aggressive to be paired with Takt eventhough she's a Tsudere! XD Probably a better match for the older brother Volt instead. (I'm bias for pretty guy and girl paired together instead :P) I also have taken a liking into the Ires and Iren probably because they reminded me of Kagamine Twins.

Symphonica characters
The young members of the orchestra (Yes I have excluded two oldies XD)

As much as I enjoy playing Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (Also done by SE!), I enjoyed this game more because there's a new story to it instead of just playing the famous pieces from Final Fantasy series. Also probably because I find it easier to concentrate on one spot than on moving target. Mind you, I did get distracted when the characters turn pink. orz I higly recommend to get the 3DS version for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy instead of the iPad version because the cost end up being far greater on iPad with each song purchase. SE were more generous in this game, where they provide 3 free chapters with approx 10 short songs to play (Theatrhythm only had 2 songs orz) which I’m fairly happy about.

There are a total of 12 chapters plus 4 bonus episodes for $15.99. Each chapter around 10-15 minutes, so it takes around 4 hours to complete. The game is fairly reasonable given they need to pay for classic songs, although I would prefer buying it off as a console game if they ever have one.

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