[iPhone] Watashi Senyou! Aisare mezamashi

Seiyuu Alarm!

Brought to you by IdeaFlood and beautifully illustrated by Range (The artist is not known to me and they haven't update their website yet :O ) comes another otome app on the waking (alarm) series, just to counter the sleeping series by the other otome companies. XD I mean if you need help sleeping, it's only right to think that you also need help waking...?

Just a quick short and snappy app update~

Shirase Takaya (CV: Kaji Yuki)

* Changes facial expression and sentences that appears on the top on random (approx every 10 seconds I think?) as if the character is talking to you (Though it's not voiced).
* Free 8 voices that comes with leveling... =w= Yes they make you work for Kaji's voice. To level, you need to complete the mission!

Since you're awake now, let's play a 1 minute game!

* There is a mini game that appears after you have set the alarm and when it is activated! (I think this is the charm point of this app ) Click on the notification from the app and it'll take you to the 1 minute mini game where you need to find the 2 matching animal cards that he asked for. I highly recommend NOT wearing the headphone when playing this as it makes a high pitched beeping noise until you press confirm. Mind you, my ears still ringing after a while, so it's definitely not something for early morning when you just wake up particularly if you have low blood pressure. But that might have to do with continuously playing it. lol

If you complete the request quick enough you will get the voiced praise from Kaji! Otherwise, you could still enjoy the beautifully illustrated close up picture of Shirase.

Although disappointed in the fewer free voices (And they make you work for it! ) compare to your normal voiced apps… it was great to see an increase in the use of Kaji Yuki~! (I got kinda tired of seeing Hirakawa Daisuke being the first few free voices all the time, it doesn’t excite me as much anymore. lol) Kaji did win the best seiyuu award so it’s only right to use him! Let’s hope this app doesn’t stop updating like the Aishite Kainushi Darling one. XD

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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