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Following the Oyasumi App, I checked out other apps that are done by the same company. To my surprise, I found a quality escape game app with Aoki Lapis brought to you by i-style project ( Surfersparadise and Studio Deen)!

For those who might not know, Aoki Lapis is one of the voice synthesiser character which is part of Vocaloid 3. She is described as a spirit that is 15cm tall designed by the artist Carnelian and owns the company Root.

Escape Lapis Cover

One day, you receive a mysterious package of a book titled Fushigi no Meikyuu (The mysterious Labyrinth). Curious of the content, you quickly opened the book, then without noticing a flash of light brought you into the book. You were woken up by a spirit name Aoki Lapis who will assist you to get out of the place…

The game is slightly difficult with minimal hints. A lot of the hint were not clear, so I had to go back and forth to the same place to look for items. It requires a lot of attention to details and constant thinking if this object would work here or there. Mind you I think there’s a lot of unnecessary objects that are waiting to be used after stage 1. orz The items are broken down into two types, ones that are use to solve puzzle and ones that are for holding purpose only, which can be seen in the collection. By the end of stage one you should have 50% items collected. My best advice is when Lapis have comment on an object, do everything you could to the object until something happens (normal new item appears), once it’s cleared, Lapis would have no further comment on it (apart from those empty containers). If not then, try every item you have to the object (exclude those useless candles!).

Escape Lapis Stage Select
To proceed to stage 2, click onto Lapis's evil sister Merli! Yes, she's evil because it will ask you to access to itune to pay for stage 2! So don't press on her if you don't want to pay!

Game is split into two stages. Stage 1 is free stage with minimal advertisement bar and stage 2 requires payment of 170 yen. The app utilises the touch technology, so player need to tap, swipe/flick and shake/rotate (This is the best hint where you get stuck orz) to find objects/codes hidden within the environment, break the code and collect items to advance further into the story! Further it offer so the save and load function, I played this game over a week having stuck at what needs to happen. It is rare to see auto save mode for escape games, which is perfect for those people who forgets to save!

The background music by Amacha no Ongaku Konjou Maou Tamashi reminds me of Ib for some strange reasons (probably because I was playing late at night), I was worried that something will start chasing or pops up (Those locked door noises! ) but ended up scaring myself instead. The 2 theme songs Mahou no Tobira and Kimi to no Youkaze are by DaisukeP and BeatCharger who are known for their Vocaloid works respectively. Though Not sure if they used the character voice of Aoiki Lapis to do the singing or actually ask the seiyuu Eguchi Naoko to do the singing. Probably not the later as software could help reach those unreachable notes and I take it the artists prefer it that way. I have never come across Lapis’s songs before but upon first time hearing it I thought it sounded a lot smoother than Vocaloid 2 series (Although that doesn’t convert me as a Kagamine Twins addict! ).

Regardless, there’s definitely value for Vocaloid fans to play this game *is one herself*.

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Re: Hari

If you look up ラピスと不思議なラビリンス, you will find a few Japanese walk through. I find the one from Transpartently.jp most useful, although saying that, there are a few other sites with sufficient pictures in conjunction with the instructions if you're really stuck.

It's been quite a while since I last finished the game, but hope that helps! It's probably last little things you missed picking up along the way...!

No title

Is there any walk through to this game? I just finished the merli puzzle and I cannot figure out what to do!


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